The Creation Of A Casino

I think there should be a casino in the game or a place where you can gamble and bet coins. Maybe in the castle area with some of the unused buildings. There could be a jackpot daily or weekly.

I don’t think that a casino would fit the theme of the game, nor the time period that this is set in. That being said, this wouldn’t be a bad idea otherwise.
If your objective is to make profit faster, then the merchant system is what you’re looking for. You can make profit through trading crafted weapons, rare drops, ect.
Not only that, but daily rewards have already been implemented into the game, just find the chests!

It could be like a card game of some sort. Some sore of gambling way for people to make money. Maybe bet on fights of some sort like at the coliseum .

That’s exactly what the merchant system is. But I see your point. This topic has already been created by the way.

Already sorta suggested PvP betting here:

Yeet! Ooooo Shinyyy! (Guide to Chests) is a very helpful guide

(also totally not made by me)

Yeah, that.