The correct way to monetize the game

Possibly bad grammar ahead but here it comes:

So currently there has been alot of changes or uppcoming changes that i feel like will make the game experience even worse, i’m pretty much almost stopped playing this game over this beacuse some of it felt like it was puposely made bad just so that they could montetize it with convients. such as the uppcoming key system,bounty hunter which is proably the rewamp of bounty book only that you now need to pay money for it and that sort of thing.
So imma put in soloutions to how to overall monterize this game correctly with out it turning into another p2w hungry game.

  • Premiuem Dyepack Game pass: basicly a gamepass that lets you custimeze the dye of your armor for unlmited amount of time and you get to pick between avast amount of colors of it. this could easliy cost around 500 to 800 robux and alot of people would buy this.

  • Pets/Pet costume: Alltrough as much as i’d pefer it that you could obtain pets trough boss drops and other means i can accept that pets can be bought trough robux, pets would ofcourse still remain soulbound, to avoid the p2w mess.

  • Silly costumes: I agree with berezza that he does not want to make the coolest looking armor and such be locked behind ethyr. How ever i could see silly or goofy outfits costing ethyr. Overall the best looking and the coolest looking armor will still be earn by playing the actual game. these costumes will not give any stat or anything and will be worn by a speical eqruimpent bar that will replace the current armor on that your wearing over.

  • VIP Rune, there should be 4 option when buying this, ethir its for 1 day that cost 100 robux, week worth one for around 500 robux or unlimited one for aroun 1500 to 2000 robux, again normal runes and taximan dave will still exsist in the main game this just makes the game a bit more convient, this will work as any other runes and will only let you travel to towns/city you wont be able to travel to duengons and such. And not to make it to OP. You need to discover the Town/city before you can fast travel to that area, and this is needed for all of your characters.

  • Luxury furniture replacement: For your player home and Guild Hall. Once things such as player home and Guild halls gets added this could be a uniqe feature where once you bought a certain furniture/building you could have an option to replace it with something luxuries. and overall make it more nice looking.

These are some of the things i could think of with out making the game P2W or Pay to skip. I could easliy see my self or other players willing to buy most of these game pass if not all of these game passes posted above. You guys would make alot of money while at the same time not ripping people of, and with that you could remove the questioble uppcoming things such as duengon keys and things such as that, cause only few people would buy those keys before just stop doing duengons all together. Just saying.

The dye pack gamepass doesn’t sound like a good idea. Two possible things can happen. One person gets the gamepass and monopolizes on dyeing armor for fees, or someone gets it and scams people the same way. This is the reason dye is tradable in the first place.

Look at other ways where other MMORPGs present micro-transactions. These consists of where you as a player don’t gain an advantage over someone due to the amount you pay, for example, if you take the most prominent MMORPG “WoW”, there wasn’t any micro-transactions from the start of the game as it cab lead to many issues within the community and the fact that they later introduced micro-transactions (I believe during Cataclysm) is where the actual MMORPG stumbled and lost a majority of its player-base. Not to mention, we will have more micro-transactions in Vesteria which will lead to many issues with the community and as we still paid for the game there is still a buyout to have an advantage over someone, as it seems to be more P2WF=pay to win faster. For example, keys will be accessible with ethyr or as a rare drop from spiders. I think a way they could make more income from this game is actually adding content and moving on with a lore based story with the addition of quest as this can lead to an expansion, which are ways companies keep there player-base engaged, as people get hyped for the next expansion of the game which cost 60$. This is for berezaa as well.

As Jonno said, the dye pack gamepass can lead to numerous problems such as gaining cash from people by dyeing their armor for a fee, which can inevitably lead to scamming.

This idea can be great because it does not include any P2W features. It is purely cosmetics and can be a way to become monetized. For me, It is the most logical way to go through, but I dislike it since I’m a cheapskate and our country’s economy is broken (in a bad way)

This idea can also be great, because it is simply just vanity, and does not increase stats in any way. Problem is that it could fool other players since you may be pretending that you don’t have decent armor and fool someone into dueling you. Other than that, it’s not a bad way for them to earn some green.

This idea I heavily disagree with. This is considered as P2W because this can heavily affect gameplay. If you were a lazyhead, you could just pay a considerable amount of real money to avoid the issue of travelling, waiting and using ingame money. This is the very similar to the game MapleStory’s “Hyper Teleport Rock”, where you can use it once to teleport anywhere in the map, at the cost of NX (basically premium currency). Overall, bad idea.

This can be a good way of monetizing the game. If homes/guild halls were implemented, it could be a sure-fire way to flex your riches without that P2W aspect.
I think a good idea for monetization is a jukebox wherein you can pick a song from Vesteria’s soundtrack to replace the soundtrack ingame. Sure, you can use YouTube, but some people keep their browser closed to decrease internet/RAM usage. It is purely client-based, doesn’t affect any other player besides you and is IMO a great way for monetization. The price is all up to the developers but something less than 100 robux is the best since it’s more of a convenience for people’s computers.

That’s all :slight_smile:

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The jukebox gamepass seems like good idea! Maybe throw in a song ID grabber so you can put any song you want (with Vesteria songs pre-added so you can listen to them more easily) and maybe also have unused/yet to be added music. Heck, throw in a Shuffle option for Vesteria music as well.