The Chad warrior Vs The Beta Mage



Hunter Gang Supports This

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even tho tbh warrior fang needs a size buff that things more like a spider toothpick rn

This isnt biased at all.

A. Need to make one for Hunters
B. Is the warrior move set unlimited before or after rod glitch? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

bad meme please remove and get better content

Who made this meme lol

okay this is art

:thinking: Why do you only respond to meme topics and try to meme normal topics?

Now this is epic

the world may never know

Fellow hunter supports this



I understand that this is RIDICOUSLY late and not meant to bump…
But shoes aren’t a thing still: why they got shoes???

Wait till 1.6 drops. Ber the king of mages said mages will be ridiculously OP.

stop the necrobumping

Wasn’t intentional, I just noticed the shoes cos some guy linked it in a recent topic im pretty sure

Ok im not sure if ill read all of that but massive congratz to you for putting so much effort into this

I know this was a long time ago but
we only had 3 moves and magic bombs had long cooldowns
so basically we had to use zap to fight while bomb was on cooldown or we can’t fight

dude dont necropost