The Burning Forest


This raid is meant to be hard. The Burning Forest is a raid which takes place in dense forest full of deadly creatures, including the forest being on fire which can hurt you if you go touch it and the smoke it lets out will cause the player to have breathing problems and their screen will get shaky and they will hear coughing signifying that they’re dying to smoke and it will drain its Mana first and after its been drained it will take its health slowly. Enemies have the chance of coming out of the ground or pushing down burning trees on the players if they end up clustering up.

Most of the area will be in one place and players have the ability to chose which area if they go in the area they will get a notification on the top of their screen saying “Entering <Area>” . They have except the last zone which has a wall of fire preventing players from reaching it. The penalty for failing this Raid will be a hour of being blacklisted from redoing it again and next raid will have enemies do 1.5x more damage and this can stack but after a day will get removed.

Fee: 100s silver each so each player can pay the Wagon Driver.


  • Reward Penalty: Their chances of getting rewards decreases for each fail on the raid

  • Trauma: In the player’s next trip into The Burning Forest if they lose the last run they will get trauma and have illusions of players and this will last through 2 areas before fading away and this will happened in the next 4 runs. If the player is on a streak they will get a bit of trauma but it will only be for 2 runs and will only last in the first area after Lonely Road. (can’t stack)

Nightmare Mode: I don't care if you don't think this "harder" and if you don't like horror games.

Instead of more enemies and bigger enemies, how about we do something fun. Enemies wont do more damage or players will have less defense. How about:

  • Shocks: Their screens will go bright and they will have a loud screaming noise or loud high pitch noise and their character will fall down and cover their ears where they become immobile and wont be able to defend themselves and are likely to die.

  • Flashes: Their screen will get sudden pictures of scary looking faces to spook them. They wont do any noise and will just be a sudden flash of a image on their screen.

  • Passing Out: They will black out but only 1 player in the party can get this at a time and wont be able to move and have to rely on a party member to defend them and can pick them up and put them on their back but the party member will get a slowness debuff.

  • Whispering: Their controls will get scrambled and they will hear whispering and will get annoyed having to move when your jump button is left click.

  • Illusions: There will be terrifying dark creatures with twisted looks and will stalk one of the players at a time and can’t be attacked but make the players health go down but in reality its the same and for other players he will look like hes swinging at the air and his health wont change. If he kills the dark creature he will have a shock for around 5 seconds and get back up.

Lonely Road: The start of the raid

You and the party will be in the back of a wagon, the wagon ride will get attacked by raiders but they can easily be killed and the party will get back on the wagon. The one driving the wagon will scream the forest is on fire, the party will get out of the wagon and go check out the fire and try to put it out.
The fire begins to spread when the players get a bucket with water and try put it out as they get closer and when they go back to the wagon to escape they will find out the wagon is missing with a burn mark on the ground.

The players are forced to go into the forest and look for the wagon driver. They will come across burnt evil creatures and will fight them to get closer into the forest with the fire and enemies getting more dense as they go in. They can now go to any area they want.

Starting Nightmare Mode

There will be a burnt skull behind a tree. A player can grab the skull but all players have to be near each other and the one who has the skull has the choice to destroy it and it will give a notification to all other players if they wish to begin Nightmare Mode. The party will get a flash on their screen of a skull and text saying “Hell begins

Going into the forest will have a cut scene of the Wagon Driver appearing and him looking at the group of players going into the forest and a question mark will appear over his head. (not burning)

Dangerous Territory: Run Boy Run

This is a area where it will contain impossible to kill Dire Wolves and Eagles. They will be mostly the ones that chase the players around and there will be a SMOL chance of a Phoenix appearing and coming down on the players.

They can climb trees and walls to avoid the eagles and wolves. The Phoenix will add more fire onto the area and will summon smaller fire enemies onto the ground to get nearer to the party of players. To finish the area players have to find the wagon wheel randomly spawned somewhere in the area.

Disturbed Souls: Oh no the forest is on top of a battlefield D:

Different enemies will also spawn with the normal enemies you find in the forest. This will include some enemies that you can find in medieval battles.

  • The General: Undead monster carrying a long sword and is riding a burning horse!~

  • Berserk: Can climb on trees and will have bloodlust for players and can easily find them with their smell.

  • The Owl: Long ranged troop that can be on top of trees and hills and will stay away from the party players and will have a extremely powerful bow (sorry void uwu)

  • The Hero: Will have a burning Excalibur and is more faster than other troops except The General and has more defense plus he looks cooler!

There will only be 4 generals that can spawn and one of them has the wagon wheel but all Generals have every troop near it and has some creatures surrounding him.

The Cave: Oh wow i wonder if this cave is safe!~

This cave will contain a very strong bear which has many scars on its body and has cubs which can help it fight off players, the mama bear will get enraged and will become stronger for every cub is killed.

Nightmare Mode:
Instead of a mama bear appearing in the cave a smol but deadly dragon will appear and instead of cubs will have eggs in the cave and after fighting large rocks will fall down and crush the eggs making the dragon be enraged and have buffs added to it.

The Village: It wasn't real!

The party will see a village in the plains and will go towards it but when going inside the village they will find it abandoned and trees will start to sprout around the village to find they’re still in and the bigger trees will fall onto the Village and a start to burn everything.

The wheel in the village can be burnt and if they don’t get it quickly they will get reward penalty.

The Fire Wall: Boos battle owo

They will go to the last area of the forest but the fire is spreading its getting thiccer :blush: and a Phoenix will appear and begin to attack players with magical fire spells and can summon creatures made out of fire. There will be a pond nearby where players can dumb their weapons on it to make them wet and deal more damage to the Phoenix since their weapons will go through it and the fire enemies.

There is a chance they get nightmare status effects in this area and instead of getting a white screen they see the phoenix and instead of loud noise they hear it roar very loudly.

Get Out: Just run away :sob:

During this part player’s screens will shake and have text appearing saying “Kill” “Don’t Trust” and stuff similar to that.

There will be a group of players will get back on the road and find a group of hooded figures which will begin to attack the players with magical spells and physical weapons. They will be extremely strong and the last one will hit all party players with a spell before dying and their mind will be cleared.

The Wagon Driver will be looking at the players in shock and they will look around to see villagers dead on the floor. The Wagon Driver will say “Thanks for killing them, they were getting pretty annoying and been blackmailing my family and were making my life hell!” He will hand them a golden chest containing rewards.

Rewards: Yay My favorite part!~

Nightmare Mode:

  • Dragon Pet

  • Burning Excalibur: Cool looking beaten up old weapon and has 0.4% chance of being dropped by the hero or the reward chest.

  • Burning Rapier: Hunter’s good ol pal. Its does less damage but faster speed!

  • Nightmare Fuel: Potion that can be thrown on the ground and will make smoke and if players get in it they will get the nightmare status effects.

Normal Mode:

  • Phoenix Pet

  • Rapier

  • General’s Cape

  • Cursed Burn Scroll

  • Rusted Excalibur

This seems like an idea ripe for toxicity. For SQR at least you can say “ok fine let’s do it again”, but could you imagine screwing up in THIS situation?

Bawk! (hard raid and i like it that way)

Jump scares are no bueno. There are better ways to apply the “harder” difficulty without scaring the life out of children (and me)

Bawk! (fantasy is about the mystical and unbelievable, there is more things to fantasy than fighting monsters and doing dungeons that have rooms. Jump Scares won’t have a sound but have just 1-2 seconds of appearing on your screen)

Haunted house be like

Bawk! (doing a dungeon while having schizophrenia be like)

New PvE content posts are my favorite, because this game is getting real stale at the moment. As much as I enjoyed reading the ideas that were poured into this raid, it’s lacking something: drops obviously.

Nothing wrong with hard raids, I just think that the blacklist rule in particular will cause an unbearable amount of toxicity in the community

Bawk! (oh yea sorry i didn’t think of any rewards for completing this!)

Bawk! (yea i should probably change something about blacklisting if failing)

Damn I’d be surprised if I don’t get nightmares for this raid, especially in nightmare difficulty. Get it?

Bawk! (Added Rewards!)

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this is hell, not a burning forset

Intense… I like it.

This idea is extremely amazing and very well thought out I’d love to see it implemented into the game.

Bawk! (thanks for the feedback but extremely unlikely since how the developers have a thing against me)

Well it’s a wonderful idea and I wouldn’t see a reason why not to add this wonderful idea into the game. The devs would be, well, not very smart to not even consider this.

Bawk! (i get people who reply saying my idea is good but i dont think they will ever try out my ideas)

Honestly, this idea is wonderful and I’m already kind of bored of the stuff Vesteria has in it now. With something as fun and intense I wouldn’t give myself any reason not to play this. My friends and I would have a blast playing this