The Best Way to Farm Ancient Dex

Hello everyone. Have you ever think what is the best way to farm Ancient Dex? Bandit Skirmisher is the only mob that could drop Ancient Dex, but it is hard to get one because they spawn on the Bandit Camp and they took a long time to respawn. If you want to know the best way to farm an Ancient Dex, you have come to the right place.

This is my first ever forum that i created, many typo and mistakes could happen.
I hope you can understand.

The location you wanna go is Tethaffut’s Anvil in Whispering Dunes, there was a small bandit camp that Bandit mostly spawn but that is not where we want to farm. Passing the small bandit camp use the stairs to get to the top and keep following the path.

You will come to the Scarab spawn location, right next to the Scarab is where we want to farm.

That 2 circles is where the Bandit Skirmisher going to spawn, so you just keep going around at that 2 circles and keep killing those Bandit Skirmisher until he drop the Ancient Dex we all want.

That it! Thank you for reading until the end, and i’m very sorry if there was a typo and other mistakes. Thank you once again, bye.


Nice guide!


Lol I always do this. Nice work tho.


Anvil is a horrible Ancient DEX scroll farm, drops are super likely to fall off and then you have to go get them and get back up.

Your best bet is to clear Bandit Camps (they almost always have several Skirmishers), and remember to open the Bluesteel Chest in the Batty Cage!