The answer to our existence

The king of thieves said to me, late one night in bed:
You lay there all so lonely, search a better life!
But I am oh so lonely, and the world is all too big
Then the king of thieves said: It is bigger than you think!

What do you mean with that? I asked, laying in the bed
Can I throw off the blanket, and choose the life I want?
Then the king of thieves drew his long and sharpened sword
Rise you little ant, he said, and show what you are worth!

And the sword flashed and shone so bright, of silver and of gold!
The king of thieves he laughed at me, now I’ll knock you down!
You stupid little slave, hiding in your bed
You are so nice and blue-eyed, and terrified and scared!

Now let me teach you something, that truly is of use
Follow me on a journey, on the king of thieves great sea
Where I control the weather, and I crush every ship
That dare to steer the wrong way, or try to play a trick!

But please king of thieves, I said, thinking of my mom
I can’t go on a journey, without a single shoe
Then he sliced the bed in two, with just a single slash!
My journey it is merciless, without no second chance!

From the pieces of the broken bed, I climbed out in shame
Here no pardon’s given, and nowhere safe and calm
The king of thieves he shouted, and laughed and screamed so loud
We sail on waves of power, betrayal and of death!

And scary where the scenes which, I then got to see
Our boat traveled through fire and blood, through death and misery
My eyes were all defenseless, so light and still so blue
The king of thieves he spat at me, see and have a taste!

From the boat I saw an island, so black and clad in sot
Here had neither man nor plant, ever lived or grown
I saw a bunch of people then, so pale and oh so gray
The king of thieves he smiled, and said, oh here come my sheep!

And all of them had purple flags, of darken’d Terylene
They waved and cheered at empty words, but only the moon shone.
And I was so afraid right there, at the thief king’s beach
He whispered quitely and said, I have them in my hand!

And now I got to see, the king of thieves land
Where nobody was living, and all wanted to die
The birds all stared sadly, and he started to smile
Where the thief king has his home, noone dare to fly!

There there was a factory, made for all men’s well
They made plastic and credit cards, from the people’s souls
They ripped it out the body, with rented knackers help
The king of thieves he yawned and said, buy or starve to death!

And there sat all the elders, at a lonely little rock
Or were sent out in the ocean, never to return
And there were many young ones, sad and out of hope
They all collected seashells, falling from their hands

From all points at the island, you could see his sword
The fear was shared by everyone, and nobody was safe
I told the king of thieves, here’s so dark and cold
He stomped in the ground and said, My fire is more than all!

He said I collect gold, and nothing wrong in that
My will is my sword, and that you all can see
I give work to the people, and if I wasto die
The ocean would start surging, and the island go to smoke!

He danced and then he laughed at me, playing with his sword
Now I’ll slice you right in two, you stupid little world
What will you do without me, and the power in my arm
Without me you would only be a pot filled with sand

So I sneaked away from the beach, neath the shining moon
I sneaked away from the king, as the wind cried and howled
I found an old boat, and laid it out from land
Slowly I was floating, from the thief king’s beach

I felt oh so frozen, so little and afraid
I longed after the safety, and warmth in my bed
And on the black ocean, beneath the moonlights glow
Not a single person, as long as I could see

Was I the last person here, on this empty sea?
And the thief wind was howling, on many sailors’ grave
But when I felt the most alone, and all was dead and gray
I heard an oar splashing, and I saw another boat!

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