The Annoying Update on Sprinting

In the previous update on the 29th of September, Sprinting had an update, slowing players after sprinting for a certain period of time. But there were a few problems with this. To start, it seemed that increasing your Dex stats had no effect on how fast/far you could run. I have my Dex at +7 where as another player had +14, and we found no difference. Secondly, considering there is no stamina bar to see how long you can run, it made running that much more annoying, constantly slowing at random times. Finally, the fatigue that the player experiences after sprinting too long seems very sudden and extra, practically cutting your walking speed in half out of nowhere. A good fix for this would be to slowly have the player lose speed the longer that stamina is used up. And if the stamina is fully used up then the fatigue doesn’t seem so drastic. I hope this helps because I saw many people complaining about how getting from point A to point B became very annoying, instead of enjoying the beauty while they run. Cant wait for the next update and even more so the paid release. Best of luck!

DEX affect sprint time is currently not implemented yet iirc

Hmm… having sprint speed slow down as you approach the end of your stamina is a good idea (along with increasing stamina, obviously.) I’ll make sure to double check the stamina forumla tomorrow, since DEX is supposed to affect it now.