The Adventurer Class Enhancement

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSStraight into the point.
Of course, its just planned, so they can change it whenever they want.
The Adventurer Class.
I always thought that this was interesting, you go from a class, to a subclass, and then an enhancement class. As a high leveled Adventurer, me think that there should be an enhancement for Adventurers with some requirements.

I have 4 enhancements for Adventurers currently in my mind.

Enhancement #1
The Specialist.
What this enhancement is, its basically normal adventurer, but you can upgrade rock toss, regeneration, and double slash further, while getting extra stats per level, such as 5 stats a level.
The requirement for this class would be getting 700 Goblin Necklaces, 700 Spider Fangs, and 700 Crab Claws.

Enhancement #2
The Extra Gauntlet.
This enhancement will allow players to use dual wield shields, giving them an extremely high chance of blocking, and an insane amount of defense against physical attacks. They will be able to do damage according to their current strength x 1.5. The requirement for this class would be 10 shields that are at least, +5 purple each.

Enhancement #3
The Speed Looter.
Players speed will be boosted, and they have a higher chance of looting and gaining rare items. They will also get 100% more Mushcoins from mobs and chests.The requirement for this class would be getting 10 gold x 1000 (basically 10 currency above gold)

Enhancement #4
The Original.
Adventurers that chose this class will gain nothing but a title. True Adventurer. The requirements for this class would be explore every map, kill every mob, giants, boss, and you need to be max level.

Hope you all enjoy reading this, i clearly had fun making this post.
As always, i take feedback and criticism!

the perks you get from Enhancement #4 is way too op, please nerf

They stated that enhancements would come after picking a subclass, and you need a class to pick a subclass, so I’m not sure how adventurer would get these anyway

Pull a and add a level 30 sekret class for Adventurers.

level 100 adventurer hype!!!

heh that game was fun.

This is not biased at all.

Although those would b pretty hard to get being an adventurer

Odd, why is civilian not on that?