That is one huge spider in the Enchanted forest. (The link should show the picture)

Does anybody know why thats here?

It’s the spider queen…

Well ya I knew that but you cant actually get to it.

You can get inside the hole if you try hard enough, also that’s just the mesh it doesn’t actually do anything. I think it was most likely just put there as a teaser.

Yah I know it doesn’t do anything I had a feeling its gonna be a boss later on in vesteria.

Bean, it’s not the spider queen, it doesn’t have her crown. This spider shown in the photo above has red eyes which the spider queen does not have.

While yes, they’re quite similar, but it’s not the spider queen.

ok so… the devs put a crown on it… other than that looks exactly the same to me… (and maybe made it more pink-ish)