Thank you b3r3z44 so much!111!1111111!

OMg thanks you berezaa so much!!11!!! I thanks you so much for finding such competant and wonderful testers such as company113420691112. company111111 commands so much respect upon the streets. Vesteria could never praise this community with his pressencce. I heard that he even fix SQR.

And also another tester who I would love to mention which is xXIIDoge_KingIIXxXXXxxXXxxxxXX who has taught many spammers and reported their misdemeanors to the mods. He also sells roYal FanTa to his plethora of loyal followers. We should bless his pressence on this earth.

These testers have such an IQ that they can predict the chance of an upcoming item. This honerable mention must go to myLLLLLLLchan.




Omg great post ngl !

literally crying and shaking so motivational

agreed b3r3z44 is such a mad lad

As long as the testers give good bug reports and know their way around the game to provide quality balance and feature requests, I’m fine with having anyone be a tester.

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Omg Same !!

that doge guy acts too young to be on discord and submit an application


omG he S3llz r0y4l F4Nta

I mean, in the future I would hope that the applicants would be properly vetted to make sure they’re suitable candidates.


bug report btw

People can get better at writing bug reports. It takes a bit of practice.


look i’m just trying to give people the benefit of the doubt here, i would rather have active testers that produce awful bug reports than inactive testers who don’t do anything

image we should have had this guy as a tester smhing my head rn


handpick testers that you like
applications are a curse

I agree, there are a lot of reasons why applications shouldn’t be a thing.

how dare you disrespect berezaa’s almighty decision