Testing gone from the Public. Why?

Alright, I will be as calm as possible on this one since I am a little bit upset. Sorry.
So recently, the Testing Realm, the Level 30+ area that tested all the abilities, items, and gear got removed from the public. Now, this may not sound like much, but when I saw a possible reason, from berezaa himself, I couldn’t take it. This reason could have been easily solved other than removing the Test Realm.

Now, this problem above can be solved completely by removing Cursed Scrolls(both def and atk) and Ancient Scrolls making it impossible to get to gold/green tier in Testing. Now, talking with other people about this, I heard another reason that could have been possible for the Testing Realm’s removal from the public. That problem, is that the Realm had allowed people to get free runes from there. The solution for this problem is to disable the runes in the Realm like the megaphones. That way, using a rune from the Testing Realm doesn’t work.

Now, there are probably other reasons that the Testing Realm has went away from the public, but why did it need to go? The Testing Realm had helped fun, unique builds make way to the public instead of seeing the lame 50dex rest STR on Hunters, or the All INT on Sorcerers. For Example:

Credit to @Ignisium for this.
While I saw some problems with the Realm, these problems shouldn’t have caused the place to be closed to the public.
I can’t find any other reasons of why the Realm disappeared from the public due to testers not being able to leak(but somehow, I got that first reason).
In conclusion, the Testing Realm was fine and did not need to go for some minor problems that could have been fixed easily.
Thank you for reading this, and I wish you a good day.


Removing specific items makes it more complicated, them just removing it from the main game makes more sense.

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Or instead of removing, how about disabling?

Yeah or what if they put something on weapons etc. that says “Testing realm”? (yes it could be cropped out but it might help)

welp testing realm was where i made all my skits and memes i guess not anymore

also it was pretty useful for testing dye colours

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What? I really loved testing stuff in that place. I hope berezaa reconsiders some other way to implement it back

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  1. Most people still had to buy Nilgarf Runes to get to the Testing Realm.
  2. Put a tag on everything in the Testing Realm so peope know that’s where it’s from.
  3. The Testing Realm was the best place to test out dyes before actually buying them, USING IT FOR ITS INTENDED PURPOSE.
  4. Runes in the Testing Realm haven’t worked since the price of runes increased (5s to 15s).
  5. The Testing Realm runes were just saving people a bunch of walking, a bunch of inventory slots (Shelly I swear to Vesra stop gumming up by inventory with useless crap), and the occasional Mark of Valor (but they could just rune to Fidelio instead, not that far to walk).
  6. @berezaa is complaining about people linking their self-worth to the expectations of others, and, failing to meet those expectations, feel inadequate or inferior, which is a very common social disorder. Rule Numero UNO of the Internet: Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, take anything anyone posts at face value. EVER. The Internet is full of trolls and griefers, who seem to take great delight at the misery they cause. TRUST NO ONE.
  7. The Testing Realm allowed people to test out classes and subclasses before subclassing, thus allowing them to pick their “ideal build” ahead of time.

i think that since there is no more testing realm to test out your stat builds to see if they are any good that stat/skill resets should be made more common to compensate for this. We should also be able to preview dyes in the shop before buying the dye.

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Testing realm was first implemented just so that players could toy around with the to be released subclasses, it was never intended to be permanent

True… it was nice while it lasted

Yeah, but it would have been nice for it to stay a while longer, and not get removed from the public possibly because of people flexing.

Don’t do it. Let people wonder. If Bereza feels the need to evaluate, then there’s their answer

Speak, ye ancient miscreant!! Post it, worst case scenario your post gets taken down.

how childish this reason is

“waah people post fake screenshot so real screenshot don’t matter”
why does he care, he’s the dev
if you’re that concerned use your mods

He prolly wanted us to spend hours grinding and testing new class builds with the new update changing a lot of stuff instead of just figuring out the meta instantly.

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I got my answer in full detail. @Davidii Close.

No you ping @Meta , not Davidii

Meta close cuz this person says so

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