Tester Program Reform

Hey, Vesteria. Davidii here.

The tester program has been a real mixed bag since I joined as a contractor way back when. I’m led to believe that it has been that way since long before that, also. I understand some of the community is dissatisfied with how seemingly non-rigorous the process was to become a tester, and I tend to echo that sentiment.

More than once I had to immediately remove someone’s tester rank because I felt they were not up to snuff. Now that I’m Vesteria’s Technical Director (recent promotion), I have the authority and responsibility to make sure that our ramshackle quality assurance team meets higher standards.

This started with a purge of all current testers. Even the good ones. If you were affected by this, I hope you understand, but I want to make sure that we do this right. The same standards for everyone. A meritocracy.

That in mind, if you would like to become a tester, please tackle this form. I’ll be looking through them in the coming weeks and promoting people as I see fit. We only need so many testers and this will be on a first-come, first-reviewed format, so if you think you can cut it and you want in, get your application in as soon as possible.

Here’s looking forward to a better, less buggy, more stable future for Vesteria.


Thank you for allowing everyone to have a chance of getting tester.


Thanks, Daddii.


Much needed, bless you.

Let’s make this tester program the best so far.

thank you davidii i hope this turns the program into the right direction

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Finally something professional

the fact that anyone can get in is amazing

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The old Tester rank has become the Legend rank in the Vesteria group. Everyone who was a Tester previously should have the Legend role now and access to #versailles. I need to figure out what to do about your locked up slots… it’s about time we have a proper way for all players to obtain additional slots, whether by earning, purchasing or some mix.


Thank you Davidii, very cool

Thank You David for making a good application that someone like me who sucks at answering open ended questions can follow and answer

My application was so good ty Davidii

Just finished my application! I’m grateful knowing that this time the new Testers will at least be competent instead of last time when the application was a competition on who was the coolest.

Will we be getting any feedback on our applications this time?
edit: apparently no feedback if it gets denied

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Finally addressing the elephant in the room with testers

i hope to god i get this

Finished my application! This is a step in the right direction to make Vesteria a more polished game, as the last tester apps were basically an essay on why you love the game.

Ngl i pressed awd m1312addwad on all my answeres cause I was trying to see how many pages there was and accidentally pressed submit. Give me tester

I can’t agree more with what super said not going to lie

David literally just started this post with Hey Vsauce, Michael here.

Also this application is nice because it shows you what skills you need as a tester to get in.

Basically just bug reports and how active are you.

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if i spell berezaa incorrectly can i still pass