Tester Program Reform - Application Results

Hey, Vesteria. Davidii here.

I have finished reviewing applications for now. Applications have also been closed. Recall that applications were first-come, first-reviewed. 82 responses were left unreviewed because I have acquired 60 candidates that meet my standards already. Don’t lament! If any of these accepted candidates misbehave in the future and lose their tester status, I will be going through the remaining applications to find a replacement. You may still have a chance in the future.

The accepted candidates are, in order of application reception:

Name Role
Kensai666 Tester
WereFlandre Tester
iiPhoenixGamingii Tester
JonnoTheGamer Test Lead
Dampharos Tester
LegoKalen12 Tester
Immovality Tester
GumTune Tester
BrodyEnderman Test Lead
MrSuper213 Test Lead
fr6ut Tester
superchief9145 Test lead
GravityLegends Tester
TheGreatFirebrowl Test Lead
spilvens123 Test Lead
MMar_io Test Lead
win206 Test Lead
bubbley552 Test Lead
Dr_Faizstrange Tester
SuperCubeCavern Test Lead
Thenoobguy773 Tester
hani96 Tester
cap4o Tester
FlamingGold10 Tester
ijrs Tester
momosrevenge2 Tester
Vesterian_Mage Tester
Tankerguy2 Test Lead
Auktufiti Tester
EpsiIonn Test Lead
BackgroundImages Tester
RevinBlood Test Lead
Z_Zenne Tester
Assong Tester
tythicalthe1 Tester
thatCreativeCreature Test Lead
AncientRuby123 Tester
Ash0_1 Tester
Alphasel Tester
SoIar_Shadow Tester
Farley120 Test Lead
Arcwaysis Test Lead
thefireyfoe Tester
VK_Ciaspo Tester
SilverThyFox Tester
Gaarbb Tester
Geoforce56 Tester
AnswerRemoved Test Lead
ToxicKaylen Tester
MeXoof Test Lead
Q_uv Tester
AlexandraSchuyler Tester
DankRNG_TV Tester
thundermill1 Tester
malachi80rocks Tester
Wilbyte Tester
Anthonychi Tester
ExclusivelyZero Tester

For those of you who are curious, the only difference between Testers and Test Leads is that Test Leads will have permission to create and edit cards on this Trello board. It is a public-facing list of all the outstanding bugs that I and other programmers on the Vesteria team will be using to keep track of problems with the game. Got a bug you’re particularly angry about? Check on its status there.

In an effort to maintain transparency, I’d also like to describe my process for choosing candidates. Pretty much everyone with a weekly playtime under 15 hours was rejected. There were some exceptions due to immaculate answers to the other questions. I also looked for a 3+ activity on both the Discord and forum, but was more lenient with forum scores. Also, here are the answers I was looking for for the remaining questions.

What is a bug reproduction procedure?

A detailed series of actions that will consistently cause a bug to occur.

Say you encounter a bug, whether through your own play or through a report. There is no reproduction procedure for it. How do you go about creating one?

On my own, replicate the conditions that are known for the bug, like location, equipment, class, mob, etc. From there, use trial-and-error to see if the bug could occur. I would also enlist help from other testers. In the case of an undetailed report, I would try to interview the reporter to acquire more details.

Suppose a new feature comes out that allows guilds a shared storage. What might concern you about that system? How would you go about testing those concerns?

I would be concerned about duplicating or losing items, as well as malicious participants stealing items from other players. In order to test duplication or loss, I would enlist other testers and try to add or remove items at the same time, potentially closing the game or teleporting to other places with specific timing in an effort to get the system to fail.

Suppose a new Ethyr item is released that spawns world bosses like the Yeti or Chad. What might concern you about this item? How would you go about testing those concerns?

I would be concerned that it might cause multiple instances of the boss to spawn. Can it be used at inappropriate times or in inappropriate places? If it has a player limit of some kind, can it be easily subverted with alternate accounts? I would try these things and get other testers to help me.

Suppose we release a new quest with a complicated series of objectives. What might concern you about a quest like this? How would you go about testing those concerns?

I would mainly be concerned with sequence breaks and other similar bugs. I would try to complete quest objectives in an odd or unexpected order, trying to exploit terrain or class abilities to reach places or objectives I’m not supposed to be able to reach.

Bug #1

Title: Dye does not apply to the Wooden Sword.
Description: N/A
Image: No

Bug #2

Title: Being killed by a damage-dealing status effect grants invincibility.
Description: N/A
Image: No

Bug #3

Title: Attacks at high attack speed often don’t deal damage.
Description: N/A
Image: No

Bug #4

Title: Hole in Nilgarf Sewers allows players to get out of bounds.
Description: [How to get to this spot in the Sewers.]
Image: Yes, images of how to get to the spot.

Bug #5

Title: Magic Bomb projectiles sometimes don’t explode.
Description: N/A
Image: No

Previously the tester program has been a point of contention within the community. A lack of trust, transparency, and rigor was definitely an issue. Testers that have been accepted will be expected to:

  • Be active. Testers that fail to contribute regularly will lose their status.
  • Maintain decorum. Testers that try to leverage their role to “flex” on other users or be perceived as superior will lose their status.
  • Meet standards. Testers that consistently produce unacceptable results will lose their status.

If you’re a tester, you’re not just doing it for the bonus slots and the chat color. You’re doing it because, like me and the rest of the Vesteria team, you want Vesteria to be a great experience for as many people as possible. I hope you rise to that occasion.


Happy to see a lot of familiar names! This time, I know we’ll get the job done.


Congrats to everyone that got in, I look forward to reporting some bugs with you guys!

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GG to everyone who got accepted! Pretty sure all of these testers play the game as I recognize so many of them.


Congratulations to everyone that got in!!
Let’s make Vesteria a better game for everyone!!


Thanks for making me a tester. I’ll work my hardest for vesteria.


Congrats Everyone that got in.Hope I atleast got somewhat close to the right answers.Well imma still give what I find to Kiri or Davidii directly lol.Gl everyone

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Congrats everyone!

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Congrats everyone

yay I got a HARD PASS

Looks like I barely made it in time. Lucky I applied when I did


I hope the ones who didn’t make it could have a chance in the future! (Like me)


Congrats to all the new testers. Hope you achieve great feats for Vesteria. Cheers :wine_glass:

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Well done new testers!

Me with test lead instead of test Lead B)

But congrats to all who did get in and like Mrsuper said i recognize alot of these people :D.

Congrats everyone! Can’t wait to see what the testers will bring to the community :slight_smile:

@Anthonychi congrats gamer

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gg guys

rigorous? I think you mean rigged

A bit bummed I didn’t make the cut, but I’m happy for the people who did