Terul talon vanishes

Greetings, I have no idea why this happened and spoke to a tester about this in game.
a player that I was talking to just randomly gives me a terul talon out of no where and I am very grateful but once we both accept the trade we both do not have the dagger. It is as if it had vanished. this was a couple days ago.

There’s a few possible explanations here:

  1. One of you may have had your inventory full and the trade never went through at all. In this case, it’s most likely that the person trading you the item still has it.

  2. The item went to your bank. I’ve never seen this happen directly from a trade (typically #1 would happen instead) but it’s worth checking to make sure.

  3. You traded during a datastore outage. This can typically cause some weird issues, and unfortunately it may be impossible to get your item back if this is the case. If you remember an error message popping up saying that your data failed to save during the trade, then this is the most likely case.

  4. The other player was lying and exited the trade at the last second. In this case, he still has the dagger and is lying to you.

If none of these options seems likely to you, then I’ve got no idea.

Maybe he was playing during the adopt me update

I can’t really explain why this happened, near as I can figure the other person was lying to u about not having it.

Or it genuinely glitched, and the item fell through what I call a “code hole”, which is sort of like a tear in the fabric of reality in the game.

it could be that the talon just straight up vanished like into a “code hole” as the doofus (sorry) was saying (that is also his actual username)

Yeah, I actually have people call me doofus sorta like a badge of honor, I’m terrible at coming up with names so I use the same one for most things.