Tempest Trainer

Its been awhile but here is the final class trainer abilities for Colo T2 suggestion, this is Tempest and just like the last it would be 50 of whatever Currency for this colo is for each skill.

this is for the hunter faction class of course

-Elemental Ignition: Charge up power and become one with the world, doing this grants you immense speed and gives you a pulsating blue aura around your body with runes floating around you as well. The duration is from 15 - 30 seconds depending on upgrades with a 45 second cooldown (15 if you count the duration). This gives equal to or more speed than assassin invisibility and increases basic attack slightly

-Subatomic Strike: Focus all your energy into your weapon and release a blast of energy propelling you forward and damaging and knocking back enemies in you way dealing medium damage. (Dagger)
Focus all your energy into your bow and aim your bow at the ground, blasting you upward and knocking back enemies, this can be used on conjunction mid air with shunpo (Bow)

-The Hunt: you press the key for this move once and start to stock up power, after you’ve reached your limit which is shown when your body has a red aura around it you press the button again and essentially implode dealing high damage and slowness to every enemy in your vicinity, this takes you to (1 hp regardless of how much hp you had before hand, and has a very long cooldown 2 minutes or higher)

I’m not sure how to feel on this one but lmkyour thoughts or ways this could be changed

Isn’t this a bit too… magical for hunters?

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its like a magic hunter :0

I was aiming for something more nature like, since tempest are usually more combined with nature and I’ve seen a few games where tempest enchant their weapons with different elements

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like this would be better for mages. Maybe add some stuff more ‘nature’ like.

Ok so the “Elemental Ignition” thing seems a little unbalancing for Hunters as a whole. Instead, how about this:

10 levels
“Summon a tornado of arrows and Elemental Air, which travels forward damaging any foes unfortunate enough to be caught” - Description
Basically you summon a storm of arrows, which travels forwards. Any foe caught in that path will be hit at least 3 times (more depending on how it’s moving), dealing your arrow damage each hit.
Width, duration, and CD change with level:

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