Teleportation Scrolls - Idea

Walking to places is fun for the first two seconds- but then it becomes a hassle to hold down the W key for a couple of minutes to head to the next town. This is why I’m suggesting teleportation scrolls. It would be a quick way to head to cities and towns from any point in the map. You would buy these at shops (obviously) and there you can buy scrolls that teleport you to the city from any place. You would also be able to buy teleportation scrolls to lower level cities and towns in order to be able to travel to other places quickly, but no scrolls to higher level cities in order to prevent skipping entire sections of the game. This, obviously would need some other down sides, for example no using teleportation scrolls in combat, and no trading teleportation scrolls (something like that.) Just a quick idea, please don’t bully me

Yeah, but you need to visit the city for the first time by foot to TP to it right?

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Yea, something like that. It would seem way too overpowered to just teleport to endgame cities when you are level one.

I believe it was mentioned by poly or berezaa that they were planning on adding teleportation runes.

Indeed They Said That.

teleportation will be a thing
there will be ‘‘runes’’ that allow you to teleport to the city you bought them in


But, okay. At least it’ll be easy to head to cities now

Well The Devs Still Need To Implement Them…