Teleportation and More

-Adding teleportation pads is a great idea! Basically adding teleportation pads to each city would make it fast to get around, also there should be a skill where a Wizard/Mage can teleport himself and other players to short distances like the next zone

-Making armor/robes for each class would be cool, like Warriors would have armor. Mages would have robes, Hunters having Light armor. Same goes for the hats/headgear.

  • Adding in game clans/guilds and making banners for the guilds to carry around on their back like an accessory would be cool as well as adding their own armor.

-And last of all I want to say that you should be able to wear armor over armor so like having armor that people cant see and have armor over that just as a customizable (Like I mentioned before having guild armor, you would be able to wear it over the actual armor.)

It’s gonna be better then pads. It’s gonna be

You Beat Me To It. :frowning: Also @Voko It Isn’t Called ‘Knights’ They Are Called Warriors.