Teleport fail error

Was at Enchanted Forest. Used a warrior rune to go to Warrior Stronghold to get a subclass. I clicked off roblox when the loading screen appeared to look at something. Suddenly an error code appeared. Can’t remember and couldn’t take a screenshot as when I tapped onto roblox the error code disappeared. Waited a solid few minutes but nothing happened.

I closed roblox and opened vesteria. Got onto my slot and I was still at Enchanted Forest but my rune was gone.

Changed title to teleport error instead of rune not working, the rune worked but something happened while you were teleporting

happening to me, can’t go through a teleport when going from great crossroads to nilgarf

By any chance did you try teleporting immediately after joining the server? If so, teleports always break. Just rejoin and wait like 10 seconds before entering a portal or using a rune

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