Teleport between areas

I’m assuming a map will eventually be added to the game, and with that should come options to teleport to the entrances of areas that you’ve already been to. There could also possibly be a restriction on this, such as not being able to teleport if you have over a certain number of items in your inventory.

This is pretty much fast travel. It will be implemented later on in the future.

Is that confirmed by a Dev?

Once the class cities are finished, you will be able to obtain “Runes” that teleport you back to your home city when used. You will be able to trade your runes with other players.


Oh that’s good news. I won’t have to spend an eternity climbing the mountain everytime.

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I had this exact idea. I’m glad this was confirmed!

Is there any way to get more runes now or do you just get three when you join a class?