Team in playtest 16

Hey… so anyone wanna team with me 2 hrs later? My rblx acc is aduhacknao182 (literally my name lol)

if I meet you I would gladly team up with you

I’ll be grinding in mush forest for lv up to 10 so… gotta meet u there if i want

oh…i’m a lvl 25 (maybe lvl 20? can’t remember) warrior… I don’t think we will be able to meet xd

ok… just can u team me? I need some help lol

I will probably 1 shot every enemy in your zone, not to mention that i will probabllllllllly be exploring the new location of the map. your best bet is just squading up with random people and try getting a 6 man party for that extra 20% exp bonus

Ik lol
gotta spam ‘team’ in game

That May Or May Not Annoy People.

Why Or Why Not?

As Spamming In General Is Annoying To Most People.