Tbh when you have 7500 kr in your bank account and roblox still refuses to take your money :/(Solved#

At this point im not even sure if its my card or not since apprently i should still be able to use it even to this month, I tried using my Paypal to pay but that wont work ethier cause it glitches out and such… And i’m pretty sure you cant buy robux gift cards in my country. Is there no other way to buy the game? what if i just paypal You guys instead or just buy a steam gift card for you or something or donate via twitch, It really sucks that i get to miss out a really fun and a good mmmorpg that’s a non p2w/To grindy game… I’m not even sure that me recciving my new bank card will fix this issue…

Nvm i was able to solve it

This shows how big ROBLOX is on money

Vesteria here i come!

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Hope to see you in game!