Tavern + New Quest


I think there should be a tavern in Nilgarf where players can hang out and there should be a new quest.
Like Roblox Advertising with Bids The Tavern can have a Bulletin Board type thing where other players can post stuff that they want, for example, looking for guild members or Maybe EVENT: 10 PM EST MONSTER LURE RAMPAGE IN NILGARF SEWERS!
New Quest:

Tavern Customer: Hey, can you do this ol’ man a favor? My wife has fallen deathly ill. I heard about a Magical Plant called the Prancing Dewberry. Apparently, it can heal any type of disease. It’s too dangerous for an ol’ man like me. Will you get it for me?

Response One You: Nothing scares me!
Response Two You: Sorry, that’s too dangerous for me!

Requirement: Level 43

After you go to the area where there is supposed to be the Prancing Dewberry, most likely in the Dunes as a special form of cacti that grows in an area surrounded by mobs most likely, you find out that the Prancing Dewberry was stolen by a bandit due to bandit remains or items that you follow, you then have to track the bandit down to an old cave that was previously covered by a large metal door in the outermost Area of the dunes,it teleports you(Can’t do it with a party). you then have to fight a bunch of other bandits to clear the area and enter inside the hut where the Prancing Dewberry is, you then get it and return to the old man.

Reward: Bandit Shoes

If the devs do not want the tavern included then just add the quest in.

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