Tal-Rey Den of Thieves

Basically Tal-Rey would clone himself 4 times using each of the weapons he gave us as his main weapon and send us through mazes and what not and once we got too a check point or the miniboss version of himself you defeat it and it returns to the main husk at the end, it’ll be 10 rooms in total, 4 miniboss and then 1 boss or completed form of Tal-Rey. You’ll get 5m exp upon completion and lots of crystal beetles

Of course the clones of tal-rey could be replaced by different giant mobs and of course will be filled with bandit variants like death guard bandits wearing an anubis mask or tiger mask archer bandits, etc

So is this a boss or dungeon?

I’d think it would give more than 5 mil exp. I mean, we’re talking at least 20 minutes per round (going with sqr scaling) for not enough exp to lvl up from 29-30? If this is a lvl 40-50 dungeon, then I would say it should give about 50 million exp per round (enough to instantly level up for the first few levels, then make players have to do it a few times, once again like sqr) or somewhere in that range. Other than that though, it’s a great idea.

This would be a dungeon with a boss at the end, like sqr

i kinda dislike the idea of tal rey using vesra and terul’s weapons but ehh this is a good idea

And astrologist’s staff is worthless w/o magic missile.

Maybe 20 million exp at most dude, if we do 10 mil it’ll take about 25-30 dungeons to get to level 49 from 40 and that’s Just counting the exp you get at the end, so making it 50 million would just make the grind and the experience way to easy

He would be using the weapons meaning he could use the full potential of the weapons, like imagine star missile except its just stars falling from the sky with a small aoe dealing realistic damage and not just a small glowing man spamming missile while running around, kinda like asriel from undertale

Sure, that seams reasonable. I just think it should be a little higher than 5 mil

oh i see, thats pretty coolll

Ye u right

I am going to assume you are referring to his “Star Blazing” attack (“Galacta Blazing” is the harder version), in which case, I kind of like the idea. I’d love to use “Chaos Slicer” (harder “Chaos Saber”) or even “Hyper Goner” (big skull-thing).