System for using Skills needs to be Revamped

This post may be a bit difficult to explain, but I feel it is a very bad idea to make all individual skills in the game using MP.

Although I do not have experience as a Mage and have only played as a Hunter, I know that near current early mid-game no one will rely on any of the Skills they have acquired other than regeneration due to how much Mana moves cost to use and how slow it is to regenerate.

I feel it would be much more appropriate at least for physical moves like the Hunter’s blade throwing skill to use Stamina instead of Mana, or just relies purely on a cool-down system.

I feel the only skill anybody who isn’t playing the Mage class is Regenerate.

I’m interested to hear peoples thoughts…? I feel skills need to be vastly buffed or the cost drastically reduced, or an entirely alternative system to manage their use.

If you are having issues with MP increase your INT.

Sorry I should have commented regarding MP:

If you are playing as a Warrior/Hunter and devote any meaningful amount of points into INT then you will lack in defense or attack.

Base MP or not, losing more than half of your mana because a move costs 50 (which will do slightly above your regular spam attack) is not a good sign.

This subject comes up every other week, this post here has some details about the subject and some pretty good concepts for a stat balance.

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at level 30 regeneration heals less than 1/10th of your hp (and it’ll only get worse with more vit/levels) so this strat will eventually die out. they also plan on making it so that basic clicking will become extremely obsolete in late game, forcing you to use skills

they’ve decided against skills using other forms of energy, such as stamina. cool-down system will encourage auto-macros to simply afk macro their way to win, and also dagger throw is being removed anyway to be replaced with a bow skill (since dagger throw is a dex-based skill anyway, and the weakness of assassins is meant to be their lack of range)

you should also note the fact that this is Alpha, and both warrior and hunter will be completely different from how it is currently. mana costs will probably be reduced, and there will be a warrior and hunter subclass that is primarily int-based (paladin and alchemist)

you can either use mp consumables or read the quote above idk

wait until warrior and hunter is reworked, tHeN we can judge the skill system

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