Super acceleration after using skills/consumables on cannons

Whenever you utilize skills during cannon you’ll start super accelerating to the point you end up flying off the map.

Easy to replicate just charge it and hop onto a cannon and hold magic bomb/rock throw/potions or even regeneration you’ll end up going extremely fast.

I’ve had the same thing but not while using cannons. I was jumping of the huge cliff in redwood forest to see if blink can cancel out being unable to walk because of the fall but ended up getting flung of the map and kept getting flung every time I respawned because i was in the getting up animation that you get when you fall. I also noticed you only get flung when you are in that animation. In my opinion, I think the reason for this glitch happening is using something that uses or restores mana while falling from a high place causes the player too get accelerated of a cliff or the map while in the animation.

I been playing around to see what causes this bug, it actually doesn’t seem to be the use of Mana or skills rather than something with the falling animation particularly for mages falling while changing directions it will still trigger it

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