Sunday Discussion: What Makes Vesteria Unique 🌟

Hello there!

I always try to find new concepts for the forums and I finally (I think :thinking:) found a good one:

Every sunday, I will ask a question that leads to a big discussion. I think it will differ from my QOTDs and make the members have something to talk about when bored.

Let’s start!

First question: In your opinion, what makes Vesteria so unique? How does it stands out from the other MMORPGs? Do you like or dislike its different features?

Answer in your reply! :point_down:

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Vesteria = RPG I expected to be.
I’ve played many RPGs on the platform most of them being too grindy. It came to the point where playing an RPG was legitimately a bore. However with Vesteria, there’s enough grind of course not too much, and there is uniqueness in monsters, weapons and items. Also most of the RPGs played, were not that high of quality as far as animations, equipment, landscape, and music. Anyways, as much as I have not been playing Vesteria lately, I, want to play it when there is more content. From what is provided and what is planned seems intriguing to continue playing once this core updates get out. Anyways, I like Vesteria because of that like that. Note: Too lazy to look over my post

I think that what makes it unique partly is its platform. This might seem kind of obvious, but I have yet to find an RPG on Roblox that I’m as addicted too as Vesteria. The closest thing that I can think of off the top of my head that even is slightly similar to what Vesteria is doing on Roblox is Swordburst, and even then Vesteria does it 10 times better. It’s hard to achieve a game that’s this well made and actually RPG-like on Roblox. And if had to think of something else, it’d be the people. Most aren’t willing to pay 10$ on a game in alpha on a website that has mostly free games, so you know the people who bought access to the alpha are genuinely hyped for it, and even with a few rough encounters in the game with some less than pleasant people, I have yet to find a person in this community and game who I genuinely dislike.

oof you replied faster lol i was typing in another window so didnt see yours about the platform

What do you mean?

Once you join the game for the first time, you know it’s unique. No other ROBLOX game has had the same impression on me as Vesteria has. From the animations to the gameplay everything seems perfect.

Another thing that makes Vesteria unique is that it’s a passion project. Never have I seen someone put so much hard work and love into a ROBLOX game and they do it just because they like to. Most games on ROBLOX nowadays are cash grabs, or pay to win. That’s what makes me really appreciate Vesteria. Thank you berezaa.

couldn’t agree more.


I agree with you. When I first played Vesteria during the playtests, I found it so special that I could’nt stop playing. We could only play on saturday back then and It was like torture to me. :joy:

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The style, the cartoony style that makes this game have a brighter attitude then others. Plus, the high detail the game gives that massive world vibe.

The community is also fantastic, forums to let them communicate more, larger max players to have many in one server, and they way the devs respond and interact with the community making us happy. :slight_smile:

I like sometimes community great examples like this Devolutioner's guide to farm easier, level up faster, and grind harder! (also extra tips)

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I think Vesteria’s art style and gameplay + the fact that it is built on Roblox makes a lot of people surprised. Currently, it’s not really different from other MMORPGs, but what I first stated is what makes it special… for now.

It stands out from other games on roblox

The style of it, how skills work, and factions.