Suggestions for mage subclass basic attacks

A few days ago, berezaa said this to me:

This got me thinking about the different possibilities for each mage subclass. I’ll start with sorcerer.

The sorcerer could have “chain lightning” as its basic attack. Each click would send out a bolt of lightning that would look slightly similar to zap but with a lot longer range (say about 80% the range of the current mage basic attack). Each bolt would chain to 2 targets after the initial target, and then to another 2 each (so 7 in total) with the chain bolts being weaker than the initial bolt. This seems fitting for the sorcerer as it was originally supposed to use lightning magic, as well as sticking with the whole “crowd control god” theme.

For warlock, I was thinking of “dark flamethrower”. The original idea for the class was darkfire magic, so this would be how they use it. It would be a short range (maybe 50% of the current mage basic range), moderate damage, continuous stream of fire with no target limit.

For the cleric, I would suggest “light ray”. It would be a long range (125% or 150% of the current mage basic range), moderate damage beam that focuses on a single target and doesn’t pierce. This would be the cleric’s damage crutch for dealing with bosses. It would be a continuous beam, just like dark flamethrower. The cleric would still have plenty of crowd control with flare (also don’t worry because berezaa said flare was getting a damage buff) so it’d be nice to have some single target DPS too.

I’d like to start a discussion about this so let me know what you think of my ideas and suggest your own ideas for basic attacks too. (Edit: Forgot to put this in gameplay balance, it’s there now though)

These are pretty cool ideas. These would be pretty good upgrades to the (imo) lame basic attack that normal Mages have that does low damage with low range.

Yeah. As long as each mage subclass does actually end up getting a unique basic, I don’t really mind. I wouldn’t call the mage basic attack lame because it is just supposed to be a generic magic shot and it’s a hell of a lot better than how we used to have to swing our staves around doing the damage equivalent of being slapped by a wet noodle.

I kinda like the melee basic attack better in group fights since I wouldn’t be helpless with no MP and would be able to take out a group of enemies without spamming Thundercall. If the Mage basic attack pierced based on the level of the staff, maybe it’d be a bit more bearable.

Yeah, I understand where you’re coming from. That last bit about the basic attack piercing was basically what I was initially thinking for the sorcerer basic attack, “arcane bolt” - it’d basically just be a longer, streamlined shot of pure energy magic that dealt slightly higher damage than the original basic attack and also pierced (but I think chain lightning is cooler).

david said if there was gonna be a flamethrower attack he would give it to sorcerer

But it fits so well with warlock though. The initial premise was dark and fire magic and sorcerer was supposed to have more of a focus on lightning magic. I was just throwing out ideas though, and I certainly wouldn’t complain if sorcerer did end up getting the flamethrower.

Whoa I haven’t seen you in a long time

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yea because sorcerer has only skills for attack this icecall, earthcall and fireball are only for atack maybe he shoulde have some magic boost or a magic sheld or maybe a beam sheld something like winston have in overwatch

I really like this idea nice job!

sorcerer supposed to be elemental magic now whereas warlock is jsut dark magic