Suggestion to how Boots/Hat item enchantments COULD be done:

Decided to make this a thread to share my thoughts on how equipment drops for footwear as well as helmets could be implemented.

I don’t believe they should be enchanted, but rather have equipment drop from grey tier until yellow tier from said-mobs/bosses:

Courtesy of Kensai666 for making this mock-image.

  • Basic drop (grey/non tiered) - +2 VIT (no additional bonuses)

Yes - this is ripped off from Borderlands but I think this would be the very best and most fun way to obtain equipment drops for footwear as well as potentially headgear from mobs and bosses.

But what about shop equipment? 

I believe shop-equipment can be added to mobs idol drop-list depending on the level of the mobs and match them with the levels the equipment requires to wear.

I am interested in seeing peoples opinions, if they would enjoy farming mobs or returning to bosses like Yeti for the chance to receive tiered editions of said-drops.


Brilliant idea, actually! Having items just drop with randomized rarities and stats could work pretty well. Make the items rare of course, but lock them to their certain content. For example, Colosseum gear could be randomly given when you secure a certain amount of marks, and spider gear could be a random drop from the queen.

I think this was purely a solution for boots and hats…


Honestly I see that, it’s just that I don’t want pvp or pve content to become redundant just because guardians drop Colosseum armor because ‘devs said so’.

But in my eyes, it’d be good if all gear items just outright could drop as a certain rarity. It’d add more depth to the weapons economy, and provide more of an endgame. You could buy cheap low tier weapons and hope you get lucky scrolling them, or risk it all with high tier weapons that would be devastating to lose while maintaining more value.

The ‘rare dropped’ items wouldn’t be upgraded already, but they could have an extra upgrade slot and have any perks or abilities on the weapon changed depending on what rarity it was.

I think if the suggestion in this thread were to happen: The devs would either not implement it, or go all in. I see it more likely for them to just let defense scrolls be used on both helmets and boots respectively, though.

I think it would still be fun for players if they could use scrolls on the main body of armor, I was simply suggesting these for enchanted alternatives for boots and hats as Berezaa hasn’t appeared to have decided how they should be handled.

I hadn’t personally thought about how enchanted Colosseum boots/hats could be made available - maybe they shouldn’t be an optional drop - or maybe a brand new tier colour like Orange for equipment which doesn’t have any variations.

May I present … the system we used to have with SQ on daily spawns. People bought cheap shop weapons and hoped to have good luck scrolling them, or risked it on random SQ drops. The currency system helped balance the economy while providing a consistent, less luck based economy, which is a good thing, in my opinion.

Heres a problem:

Berezaa has already stated he will be redoing/amending the footwear on those types of equipment.

This thread is about suggesting an idea for the future on how enchanted footwear/headwear can be obtained rather than made with scrolls - which I have suggested is through randomized chance to receive enchanted editions varying in degree.

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yeah that is a good idea

I think this is a pretty simple but good idea.

This idea is pretty fantastic.

Actually I have a pretty cool idea on how upgrades with certain items can be done.
This is a pretty dumb one but I still want to share it.
Upgrades could be done through how much exp an item has (a level up/mastery system basically)
The more kills and hits it delivers, the more it goes up a mastery level, gradually collecting bonuses over time. Once at Mastery 10, it cannot be upgraded no more and postpones. Items with this system cannot be upgraded with upgrade material as that would make the system pointless.
(also credit myself for the mock image)

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Wow I love the gradient that you did on that. I’m so excited for Roblox’s new UIGradient feature that is being released soon. I’ll definitely do something visual like what you’ve shown in that image when it comes out

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I like this idea more as it brings the game closer to what Berezaa aspires to be (I think). From what I’ve heard, Berezaa aims for the game to be more skill based then anything else. The original idea would just make the game more luck base.

Good idea, I like that even more than a scroll-type method.

Hey ber, can you dev-people fix headgear DEF scrolls? I keep getting them but they don’t work, I think it’s because headgears don’t have DEF to begin with. They aren’t worth much either, it’s really getting annoying because they play the item drop sound when they drop.

Closed Topic as something equivalent has become a feature in the current game.