Suggestion To Decrease AFK Farming

So if you’ve been anywhere around Seaside Path you’d have to have seen people AFK with autoclickers hogging up a spot, this making it especially worse when they have a terrible attitude.

A suggestion to reduce the amount of people doing this is to make it so that the game detects a person not moving while hitting and if they continue for a certain amount of time, they get kicked. Thoughts??

Interesting, but AFK farming is common place in most RPGs because doing the farming while at the game gets, boring, maybe just add areas where this would be the purpose.

Adding more areas would just expand it, unless people have something like private servers, AFK farmers will continue to hog up spawn points

Ah, I see the thing, I meant that you’d get kicked if you didn’t do it in designated AFK areas.

sure ig lmao :-0
should have reduced xp in those areas tho

I agree, I don’t think it should be a viable choice but should still be an option.

Designated AFK areas? That would just make it worse and you’re basically supporting the people that do it by adding areas like those. Why bother buying a game if you’re not actually going to play it?

Like I’ve said, AFKing is a part of RPGs. I’m saying AFK areas would have a decreased xp gain, and that you can’t do it anywhere else.

I heard there will be an anti-exploit for autoclickers soon. There will also be a lot more farming areas in the next few days/weeks.

idk how youd nerf clicking but ok

I played an RPG game before where it had a system that brought up a message asking Are you AFK? or something along those lines, the player would then have to choose the correct answer No, I’m still playing but the system would switch the locations of the answers on the screen. Not sure if any of that made sense but it prevented autoclicking in that game pretty well.

thats it chief

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R.I.P VIP servers idea. Since it’s in paid-access mode, they can’t let people make VIP server as ROBLOX doesn’t allow that.