Suggestion for Assassin's to be able to Dual Wield Daggers?

Decided to make this a General Discussion rather than a New Feature request since I am more interested in seeing peoples thoughts on the idea.

I believe Berezaa has mentioned in the past that he has wished for only the Berserker class to only ever be able to Dual Wield.

I think it would be really cool if Assassins, the burst-DPS class would have the option to opt out of using their bow - personally for me I dislike using bows in general and don’t ever carry around arrows, I only have a variant bow equipped in my offhand for the additional stat-points.

I think an Assassin being able to opt out of ranged combat for some potential additional melee damage instead by duel wielding daggers would provide a unique playstyle to Assassin.

As of right now the Assassin subclass to me feels comparable to a budget-Ranger.

Please feel free to leave to leave your thoughts.

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They are not adding duo wield daggers just for you.

I feel like the dagger and bow switcharoo is good enough for people in the class. Dual daggers feels too much for them.

i think this could be an opportunity to balance the classes a bit more so that ranger isn’t the ever reigning best hunter class and it would still be balanced and not ruin the thing of berserker dual wielding because players that use this wouldnt be able to use a bow and this is an idea that should be tested by berezaa or temporarily tested in the full game

I’m not giving assassins dual wield daggers. My current idea is to give them wall climbing and a new combat ability

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not gonna work

-your local assassin

Genji 2.0?

What new ability?

Unless we have some new stuff you’d need it for, wall climbing sounds completely useless.

Assassins have no class identity at the moment, and definitely need something.
I’m honestly against giving them dual daggers (which is the easy option, and that’s why I’m against it) but I’d love to see assassins getting to use swords instead of just daggers.

I’m not sure how swords could play into the assassin’s kit besides a higher base damage and range, but it’d be much more unique than dual daggers.

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assassins not ninjas

who holds 2 daggers

give these suckas katanas or whatever

How a bout tri daggers like zoro from one piece, yah just slap on on his mouth and kaboom, class fixed.

I’d like to have full kredit wheen thes gehts relaesed.

mana climb B)