Suddenly dying at forsaken boss

Fighting mo ko tu aa has always been tough. The danger has increased even more since the death penalty. Hopefully this is not intentional or i’m gonna leave every time the boss spawns like the tiny scared cactus I am.
Im pretty good at dodging mokotuaa’s attacks. However, something unexpected occurred. I was fighting mokotuaa for the first time since the new update. Everything was going well until I was hit by a stray water droplet. Keep in mind that the water droplets do somewhere around 200-300 dmg per hit and I had around 1000hp at the time. Once I was hit, my game froze for a split second. Suddenly, when it unfroze, the I was suddenly hit by an unimaginable amount of dmg. It had seemed that the water droplet had hit me many many times. When I say many I mean like the hit markers on my screen were extremely condense. I should not have been able to be hit by that many in the split second my game froze. And then it was game over. Bye bye exp. Bye bye money. Hello port Fidelio. I have decided to try and go back to forsaken now. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again. ( Oh yeah forgot to mention I brought a cleric with me and the same thing happened to them.)

Well, several water droplets drop per person, it’s probable that multiple hit you while you were lagging. Or, if you had many other people nearby its possible that the droplets spawned above them also hit you, which is a part of the attack.

Both of these (but not the lag) are intentional game features.

Also, I fixed your spelling on the title.

Wait, this happened to us @Bluemin_Sword

It was laggy at that time

Mo ko tuaa always does ALOT OF DAMAGE

That’s a lot of damage…

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Just slap some Flex Tape on your head and no raindrops will deal damage.

Where do I get flex tape. I checked my local Fake-mart and the popular Non-existent-mart but i can’t seem to find it anywhere?