Subreddit soon or?

So is Vesteria gonna have a subreddit, or are we just gonna have these forums?

probably no, i think forums is enough

Thought so.

I thought berezaa/Polymorphic said the forums will be staying and there will be no Discord chatroom open either.

There is a DIscord chatroom now, just not within the same Discord, and you need to be paid access to get it.

Wait, so there’s a separate Discord server for people that bought Vesteria?

it’s just a chat-room in the Berezaa Games discord.

It’s a channel in the Berezaa Games Discord.
Here’s the link:

Is it worth it, or is the Vesteria Community Discord better?

imo the community one we are in is better not this one soley for the fact ik people there and its a whole server dedicated to vesteria but its up to you. :smiley:

Simple English pls.

What Isn’t Simple?

I just don’t understand what he’s saying :c

avoiided Is Saying That The Community Discord Is Better As He Knows People There As Well As It Is Dedicated To Vesteria, Hence The Name “Vesteria Community”.