Submit your Playtest 15 Stories to me!

I will be unable to participate in today’s playtest, so I need all of you guys to submit your stories to me so I can create a big story including details of everyone’s time playing!

How Should We Send You The Stories? On This Topic Or Will You Make Another Or Do You Want It Sent To You Via Another Means.

You can either DM them to me via private chat, or send them as a reply to this topic

Got That Chief!

Yes sir! I will send you my amazing storys! shame you cant make it ;(

Oh boy are you in luck! I’ve got quite the story for you!

Pretty much: Giant Elder Mushroom was in the Mushroom Grotto, took about 7 of us with levels from 5-9 to kill it. We died a lot.

I just remember this post existed :smile:
my experience is summarized in this post

Hey Chief, I got an idea. It’ll take a while… But I’ll get back to you soon, alright?