Subclasses? what are they

i asked my stat tree few times before, wants to mention here all the helps were useful. thank you. but still wants to ask this (maybe last thing i ask here?) anyone can teach me about warrior subclasses?? after i asked if INT and VIT is useful or not i figured i just need to know this…

I know for sure they plan on having a Support subclass called Paladin. Not sure about the other 2 subclasses.

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Just taking a guess, barbarian/berseker and knight/vanguard

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Prob a healer and support for magic, confirmed assassin for hunter and hopefully a bow class for primary range dmg

He was asking about the Warrior subclasses.

Oh lol I misread your comment. I thought you were saying you weren’t sure what they were going to do for other classes. Yeah for warrior it will prob be Paladin for front-line tanking with very very slow but hard hits, then something else for primary dps, and who knows what else.

Cleric, Sorceror, Warlock for mage, Ranger, Assassin, Alchemist for hunter.
These are all confirmed, warriors are not yet.


Alchemist? The heck?

In my opinion, an Alchemist subclass for Hunters make no sense.

Yeah that’s a little confusing. That should be a mage subclass, and probably should be called something like Shaman. I like the actual ideas for the classes tho. But Alchemist is either gonna be bad or broken. It’s hard to fit that into a class that is only good in certain situations. Either trapping is OP or pointless because you could get better DPS just using anything else.

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In my opinion, the devs seem to be the kind of people to just guess. Not that I think they put no thought into their ideas; it just seems like they don’t know much about MMOs. So the ideas are thought out but nothing is planned far enough in advance to decide why stuff should really be there. Once they have an idea they decide “,Oh that would be cool,” and add it.

I don’t mean this to take offense, they are great devs (obviously, here I am). I’m just questioning their MMORPG knowledge.

excuse me what the alchemist?

whats relationed with huntin n science… even traps dont need science mechinic except physical.

nah confirmed…? only warrior??!
nawwwwww :frowning:
one more question, when a charact will be able to get a subclass? lv30??(NEED CONFIRMED INFO PL0X HELP)

The level you need for subclasses hasn’t been revealed yet.