Subclasses main stat


what about adventurer class


me on the right

rip vit
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sorcerer is all int, but if you wanna suck up to 4d go for it

special child here, why is sorcerer int/dex

Wheres Vit? Vit is very useful for Knight and warlock.

hold on why is warlock int str
bereza said warlock skills have short range so you need vit
not warlock is melee
@Cube update this noob

warriors use str and vit
both give defense but vit gives more
warlock goes there


str is trash as a warlock, the only strength related thing they’ll be able to use is basic attack. if you wanted more sustainability in close range, vitality is literally the stat you should invest in, not str

Doesnt STR increase resistance against damage?

And VIT is just health? Its not 100% melee damage

str increases resistance against melee damage and ranged damage, but the amount it gives is pointless if you compare it to vitality. so what if you take 0.5 less physical damage from 1 point of str? you won’t get any other useful buffs, since swinging a stick against a melee player is redundant, while vitality not only gives 10 hp per point, it also gives 0.75 magic damage (which is more than how much physical defense you get from str), and receives defense buffs the lower the hp you have.

(note: 1 defense = 0.5 damage reduced)

so, can you explain why i would invest in strength as a warlock, instead of investing in actually useful stats?

Outdated. STR gives 1 flat physical defense now and 0.4 ranged def

Also vit was nerfed to give less magic defense

So STR is better than VIT defense wise? (Against melee and ranged)

I’m doing melee hunter, and I’m confused what to do when we get stat resets. 70 str 20 dex or 90 str?

20 DEX would be slightly better in PvE but worse in PvP, but it would also give more ranged defense. Full STR would make you more physically sustainable, so it is a 50/50 decision.

Won’t we get ability criticals though?

Uh, yeah. But I doubt that they will be at the same rate as basic attack criticals. Full STR would just be more consistent in terms of DPS.