Subclasses/In-game Issues/

Ok, where do I start?
The abilities of the subclass “assassin” are quite underwhelming. The class itself has no utility as there isn’t even a point in using a single one of the “unique” abilities from the subclass, as it can ruin the specialty of Moko Dagger. Also, comparative to the other subclasses like Ranger where it’s actually viable and has utility. This brings back the problem of the Loot System, where however much damage you do on a boss for example, the more you get essentially. Some classes suffer from this like Knights or Clerics, as they are tanky or either a healer for team support and buffs. Not only that, the balancing of the classes is just unremarkably noticeable. I can’t stress enough on how an execute does 120-130 damage on a Berserker (It’s the strongest move in an assassin’s set). To the fact of assassin’s being squishy little flies, almost all the mage classes are well balanced in certain matters of the game where they all do their jobs completely well, clerics heal, warlocks give DoTs, and sorcercers straight damage. Warriors included, knights are tanky, paladins are versatile of the fact they can do many things to provide for in an assortment of situations, and berserkers, which are straight damage. But, as mentioned when it comes down to Hunters, the viability is limited to Rangers as they are the most damage orientated, whereas trickster has too much mana usage for the legitmate amount of mana they have, and assassin’s which are basically supposedly “high-burst damage dealers”, which is not true since their kit is very insignificant in any assortment of gameplay of PVP or PVE. Not to mention, just the lack of exploration of what this game was supposed to be, instead of giving some hard or very long questlines that can provide the player with some knowledge of navigation or that just provide for a majority of EXP, this system just leads to us as players farming in one whole spot that lags the whole server leading to crashes?!? This is turning out be unbelievable, it’s so lackluster of what this game could be and the amount of entertainment to the player as it pertains to more of the MMORPG genre, not the simulator genre of just clicking your mouse over and over again. Please, add quest or maybe even add reputation with different factions that affect your playstyle like being hostile to a faction or friendly, like the system from rogue lineage as you’re either chaotic or orderly. I want this game to succeed and i’ve took a 3 month break and it just seems that the potential of the game has gone downhill.
If anything I may post again as I rambled a lot already.

Yeah, I’m going to write up a post on how the balance of subclasses should be because rn some are either OP, or pretty overall bad in their early stages. For instance, Clerics are stupidly OP in every way.

clerics are the underpowered ones
ever heard of a thing called…

Well the mage subclasses are just genuinely better than the majority of the Hunter subclasses for example.

I feel like there are more major issues like the actual feel of the gameplay.

Clerics overpowered? Are you berezza in disguise?
(That was a joke don’t ban me)

Clerics can deal more damage than sorcerers right now because of all the buffs they’re getting.