Subclasses For Each Main Class

Subclasses for each class, not much to explain.

Warrior Subclasses- Paladin (has a large shield and/or sword–usually tanks damage and can cast simple healing magic/spells), Berserker/Barbarian (has large dual/single axe or hammer-- deals lots of damage and tanks but is vulnerable to spells/magic), Lancer (has a large lance and maybe a shield–charges with lance for crowd control)

Hunter Subclasses- Assassin (has throwable daggers which use up stamina instead of MP, maybe can poison??) , Rogue (has dual daggers/machetes and usually does quick slash combos), Archer (has a crossbow/bow- simple subclass not much to it)

Mage Subclasses- Priest (specialises in healing magic and can use large area healing magic), Binder (uses debuff/buff spells mostly–stuff like paralysis, more str, more int, more defence etc), Summoner/Necromancer (summons minions to attack but also at extremely high levels use rebirth spells which allows an adventurer to be reborn only a couple moments after dying)

These are all I can think of for now, however for mage there were two extra ones; Conjurer (uses weather spells/magic to attack–doesn’t use passive spells much), Elementalist (uses the 6 elements; Wind, Earth, Water, Fire, Darkness, Light for very strong attacks–very high level subclass only available to those who play the long game for it but maybe also requires a quest to unlock it?)

Already been discussed.

Fairly certain there are also some other ones that have already been confirmed as well.

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Subclasses are a popular topic.

I think binder should be called shaman though, binder sounds like it would be primarily for debuffing while shaman leaves more to the imagination.

But, in all, I think the Vesteria Team should only add a couple, more essential, sub classes like the priest until there is more content in the game to be used as a base. This will help balance sub classes and really help the team determine where they should be used and why they are a necessary addition. I wouldn’t want 1000 subclasses that are all just useless.

I really hope we get to change our subclasses for the very least, and not have to make new character each time we wanna try out classes, beacuse currently where only allowed to have 3 character slots which is going to be used for by 99% of players to try out hunters,Warriors and mages, And i really think the game needs a an option to reset your stats and Skill points, beacuse more and more skills and such are getting added, and most players has proably already spent their skill point and is going to want to try out the new skill that is being added, also current most warriors put their most stats on STR and since that stat is going to be nerfed soon, people are going to want to respec their stats, and knowing that they messed up their build or their build is no longer the “Meta” and knowing that they will be forced and stuck with playing this charater is going to anger alot of the games fanbase this is very important for the devolopers to take note on.

But STR will still be powerful since there are no monsters with magic attacks but in PvP it will be nerfed against mages

Mage should totally have a sub-class named "Enchanter"
-Buff teammates attack,speed,POWER!!
-Enchant his own weapon like a sub-weapon such as a smalle dagger or a short sword to do DPS job.

All Str is going to do now is buff your damage, it will no longer give you physical resistance for that you’re going to have to get Vitality.

No. STR will still give Physical resistance. They are just fixing it because right now it gives resistance to all attacks including magical.

To be honest i really think all those things are good ideas and the assassin should really be able to poison, also, a double wielding class would be also really great, as for the other hunter class, archer, i think they should add a bit more to that class, maybe add like an ice power to freeze enemies, then being an archer would have a greater effect due to you wanting to be away while being a long ranged attacker.

They should switch rogue and combine rogue with assassin and make a new sub called trickster, and trickster can clone itself as a fake and turn slightly hidden for a few seconds

Trickster is already out, and please don’t necropost to troll. @meta