Subclass Ultimate Abilities

This is in response to Berezaa’s road map for future updates, feedback is always much obliged. I’ll edit this based on your feedback

Sorcerer = Earth call will now instead summon a rolling boulder in front of you that deals medium damage and stuns anyway in its path

Cleric = Resurrection becomes an AoE resurrecting all in the vacinity except for opponents or in global PvP area’s unless you’re in a party with them

Warlock = Simulacrum will now summon 3 instead of 1 minion, they’ll be in the same position as Tricksters Prims trap. 1 in front of you, 1 on your left, and 1 on your left

Knight: Taunt will now cause mobs and opponents keyboard/movement to invert, kind of like a confusion spell basically rewiring your movements, Moving forward = moving backwards, Moving left = moving right, etc

Paladin: Rebuke now summons a giant light sword that will slash or fall down on its side in front of you, stunning anyone hit by it instead of flinging them and will have a small AoE about the same size as Ground Slam, it’ll have the same range as sorcerers Icicle

Berserker: Ferocious assault will get faster with every hit you make on the opponent in question, your attack will also be slightly raised when using this

Trickster: Prism Trap will now create 5 traps instead of 3 that will line up directly in front of you from left to right, and when an opponent is caught in it they will instead explode like mines instead holding the victim, this will lower their speed afterwards if they manage to survive

Assassin: Step through shadow will now be stackable, you can create up to 3 save points at different intervals and teleport to the one you’re closest too

Ranger: Its too op atm so I can’t think of anything good

These were the best I could think of, if you have any suggestions of improvements I could make on these then of course reply or comment below, again feedback is always obliged

I feel like knights would be too good in pvp as is

Berezaa already had some ideas, Like cleric ultimate being a 1 hour holy magic lazer missle explosive barrage on the map

rangers ultimate ability can make its shots become like a shotgun :cowboy_hat_face:

If these are gonna be “ultimate” abilities, it should at least live up to its name

this one seems like a redemption skill for earthcall being the least favored skill among the sorcerer mains. if it’s gonna be an ult, it should at least be making use of all elements.

isn’t this what berezaa planned for subclass mastery skill or something? and wouldn’t it be better as an ultimate skill to resurrect and heal allies in a large area and damage enemies (combo of all skills, just like sorc ult move suggestion)

why not necromancy instead? aka being able to summon actual minions that automatically fight for you???

insert captain america reference here

This will never work in PvE, and if what you say what you meant, it’s basically an “intimidation” skill since mobs will mainly head towards your direction (which, under this effect, will make them go away from you instead)

Isn’t this a subclass mastery thing where Paladins get multiple holy swords dropping down when they equip the full set :thinking:

that’s like nerfing prism trap. i feel like bringing back the old plan for tricksters inflicting various debuffs could work as an ult.

like the sorcerer suggestion, but i dont think any assassin mains would appreciate this considering it’s not a damage dealing move. A better suggestion would be something like Noctis from FFXV having a warp strike ability in multiple successions

It could be like a Hanzo from Overwatch ultimate move ¯_(ツ)_/¯

welp, this is my feedback.
side note: i can’t think of anything for berserkers so there’s that.

Berezaa states ultimate skills will be moves that get a big buff from wearing the subclass mastery gear (npc armor) not actual moves. I made these skills to not be insanely overpowered and incredibly strong, the entire point of these are to be balanced and fun.

Earth call wad made more useful, without buffing the already insanely op flame call and ice call.

Warlock Necromancy would make literally no sense if it automatically attacked, the entire point is to be in control of the minions imagine trying to fight someone (lets say a ranger) in Colo and your minion is chasing the random warrior that ran pass you.

Cleric resurrect AoE was suggested by berezaa and I just reused it since it was a genuinely good idea

Forgot to remove mobs from the knight ability so i can see how that caused some confusion but this will allow for a more PvP enabled build for those blood hungry knights out there

Paladin is literally mage disguised as a warrior so giving it a semi-ranged move was to help it fulfil that role, otherwise it’s literally just a tank class also i don’t know what you mean by multiple swords Dropping down when equipping full set

Trickster gaining more traps and not flinging mobs into another dimension is more of a buff imo and the placement of the traps would be better if it was a row instead literally right around you since trickster is one of the most mobile classes in the game and many classes use range or even mobile burst to attack (ex. Ground slam, icicle, mage bomb, etc)

Assassins step through shadow is probably the most useful ability they have (i’ve gone assassin twice, i can confirm) this will basically make up for step through shadows weakness of being campable, not to mention that since max lvl is 50 and Shunpo, execute, and Shadow flurry will never be not useful assassin has some pretty good melee moves. The only problem is the stat perks that only buff bow user’s abilities not assassins moveset

Rangers having a literal dragon as an ult would legit make no sense, and what move would that even replace? Considering that these are just buffs to moves the class already has and not entirely new moves as you’re suggesting

Thank you for the suggestions though

Edit: trickster trap detonation will deal more damage then the stun and allow for more explosive aoe to all mobs instead of just focusing on that one mushrooms and maybe the 2 nearby it

So it looks like your ideas for ultimate abilities are simply upgrades of current abilities. However, 2 things.

  1. Berezaa already stated that there would be subclass mastery quests which would unlock new gear. So, the ideas you suggested could be added to said pieces of equipment (namely armor) with maybe some amendments.

  2. An “Ultimate” ability probably shouldn’t just be an upgrade of a current ability. You need something NEW.

“Each Mastery Set will come with a unique equipment perk that activates an ultimate version of one of your abilities. For example, Cleric’s [Archmage Robes] could turn Resurrect into an AoE ability, granting it the power to revive multiple fallen players with one use” there will be no more new abilties, ultimate and I’m pretty sure I stated that the ultimate abilities idea was going to be based off of berezaa’s post. Thanks for the feedback tho

Ranger: Instakill everything on the map

They fusing. :eyes:

Also knight ultimate is hystericus…

I like all the ideas though.

earth armor with fire immunity and ice weakness

No other subclass would be able to beat it, because no other subclass utilizes ice also sorcerer isn’t a tank class why would it get armor lmao