Subclass removal. when is this?

just wondering, when is the subclass removal? i’m really exited for this and i just want to know if there is a release date yet. also, what builds will you make after this update?
thx for the feedback

im pretty sure Berezaa stated that there will not be any more set release dates. The removal of physical subclasses will come with phase 3. I cant really say what my build will be untill the update comes out due to the AP costs of abilities not being fully known for sub-class moves.


Eventually. Inevitably. Definitely.


k thx for answering me

Wat. Subclasses are going away? Well, finally I can avoid looking like every other Ranger I see, instead I’ll look like every other HUNTER I see.

subclass BARRIER going away, u have to do long quests to get the abilitys. and u can get from any subclass(only from ur class tho)

Ah. So I could have Disengage (from Trickster), Hail of Arrows (from Ranger), and Ranger’s Stance (from Ranger)?

Disengage is really fricking OP, homing arrows with a godbow…

Yeah, and you can find people with it. Sad trickster has to go, but I have a cool build on mind.

Will I lose/ not be able to use my shield?

i believe you need a night ability to use a shield, not sure tho, chances r low it will be removed, and now that i think of it, any warrior of the right lvl will prob be able to use shield.

Imagine a level 10 warrior with a steel shield. 150% HP, plus 10% less dmg from all sources. They would be GODS.

yeah, but shields have a lvl requirement

Wouldn’t the removal of subclasses just cause for a more mainstream meta? Everyone uses the same most op set of abilities, and that’s that

No, because there are “meta preferences”, if such a thing can be put, where some people will have super godlike abilities with one weapon or style and be barely passable in all others. For example, my plans for Ernie (my max ranger): Max Barrage, Max Hail of Arrows, Max Ranger’s Stance, Max Disengage, Max Ricochet. Then he’ll be the “Arch-archer”!

First off, with AP limited at 49 points and some of the more subclass abilities costing a ton of AP to even get in the first place (even now, base Thundercall in F2P costs 5 or 6 AP to learn), I don’t think you’ll be able to do all that. You’ll either have to sacrifice upgrading the abilities themselves and get a good chunk of them, or stick with a few, highly-upgraded abilities.

Second, even with that, you’re still going to be missing some passive abilities you might want (such as Rhythmic Splintering or Overdraw). Sure, you can just use the bow you want them on instead of claiming them as passives, but it’s something to consider. Same thing with the Ranger subclass mastery set.

i would get barrage last, if i had points. also if u wanted to be so rangery u should learn the tuaa bow ability, and the diggers last resort ability, and teruls talon’s ability, and use icicle. then if it was night and u were below 20% hp, u would be a GOD

Lol ye thos combined are OP af. I just wish I could turn off my nat regen…

Tuaa Bow gives me inf arrows if I do it right (just fire thrice, switch to dagger and back, fire thrice, etc), Digger’s Last Resort isn’t that good but still OP, just because if a Ranger gets that low there’s something clearly wrong, Talon is godlike though (I guess it’s called Terul’s Talon for a reason), also use Icicle and Sand-Ravaged Bow for maximum effectiveness.

I don’t think you can “learn” weapon perks yet though, otherwise I’d be learning:

  • Rhythmic Splintering (Tuaa Bow)
  • Just In Case (Digger’s First Resort)
  • Overdraw (Auktufiti’s Ballista)
  • Caustic Wounds (Spider Fang Dagger)
  • Webbed Shots (Spider Leg Bow)
  • Midnight (Terul’s Talon)
  • Dunes Courage (Shattersun Dirk)
  • One Good Hit (Savage Shank)

and use an Icicle and Sand-Ravaged Bow.

And that’s assuming you can only “learn” perks from weapons for your class. If you can learn perks from other classes’ weapons, Blistergrass Staff would suddenly be in SUPER high demand.