Subclass Morphs

While I know this is quite a large request, I feel like it is slightly more reasonable considering there won’t be a map such as dunes being released every month. I think it would be really neat if we could morph our subclass abilities after using the maximum amount of points we can in them (only works on abilities with 10 points invested, not for 1/3/5 point abilities). You would be able to choose between 2 different morphs (no skill point cost as you already have to max out the ability to unlock the morph), which can make builds even more unique. Here are some examples of what I think an interesting morph would be.


Heal Morph 1: Circle no longer heals allies, but instead damages enemies with a strong holy-fire damage over time.
Heal Morph 2: Circle heals allies with under 20% HP for twice the amount, as well as removes negative effects from all allies.

Flare Morph 1: Flare no longer deals damage, but heals for 4 times the amount. Removes negative effects from all allies on cast.
Flare Morph 2: Flare no longer heals allies, but leaves a light holy-fire damage over time.

Morphs such as this would allow builds to be even more unique than they already are, such as a DPS based cleric or pure healing based cleric. I will give 1 more example, for a more DPS based class to show the full effect of ability morphs.


Invisibility Morph 1: Upon using, your stamina recovery is tripled for 6 seconds.
Invisibility Morph 2: You are no longer invisible, but rather transparent. You take 50% less damage while in this form.

Shadow Flurry Morph 1: Each individual shadow will slow the target by 5% for 6 seconds (each shadow stacks).
Shadow Flurry Morph 2: Only summons 1 shadow, which deals 10 times more damage and has a larger AOE.

Even for a pure DPS class, the abilities can make you unique, such as an assassin tank! You could use the second invisibility morph with the first shadow flurry morph and be a DPS tank hybrid. Morphs such as this would be interesting on all sub classes to allow for really neat hybrid builds.

While I know this is a lot to ask, I feel like in the long run it would be a great feature to have that makes each individual player unique from others, even of the same subclass.

I understand that Subclass Mastery was already going to be an added feature, but I feel like that would continue with the current situation of everybody with a subclass does the exact same thing, choosing to upgrade an ability that everyone else would have upgraded as well. Morphs would allow for everyone to truly be unique with their build.

Very unique idea! A lot of work would have to be put into this, but it would be really fun to have

Thanks! And yeah, I agree it would take some time. But if it ever did become a feature, it could allow for some really cool hybrid and interesting builds.

Interesting. It’d take work but seems like it would bring different play-styles into the game. I’d also like to see an option to not morph and stay the same. Overall good idea!