Subclass Mastery Names Suggestions

So as everyone knows berezaa has gone back and forth between names for the Mastery Classes, so I’ve compiled some names from different Rpg’s and what not that I believe are catchy or actual represent the class, of course I’m always open to suggestions and will edit it if someone suggest something better

Sorcerer --> Elementalist
Warlock --> Necromancer
Cleric --> High Priest, Bishop, Arch Mage, Evan

Berserker --> Blademaster
Paladin --> Crusader
Knight–> Cavalier, Champion, Banneret

Trickster --> Saboteur, Knave
Ranger --> Sniper, Archer
Assassin --> Shinobi, Ninja

Subclasses are being removed everyone, no more barriers and no more names

Reinhardt build, here i come!

I prefer avatar :clown_face:

Sorry I only speak in Aang and Korra

Last air bender is better than Korra.

Perhaps instead “Mischief”, similar to how a group of crows is called a murder. A Trickster would be called a Mischief simply because their abilites and skillset are best suited to causing chaos and confusion, both integral aspects of mischief.

Subclasses r getting removed, I should probably scrap this