Subclass Mastery Lore

I feel like we haven’t had enough interactions with the subclass trainers and what better time to build them as characters than during the subclass mastery quests? Here’s my proposal as to how we could do that:

Naturally, we’ve all been thrust into our subclasses without any explanation or lore behind them. I feel like during the subclass mastery quest line, it would be awesome if we got to know more about our trainers and our subclass. I also feel like it would be pretty heartwarming if they gave us tips that correlate the subclass.
For example, the knight mentor would say something like:

"Have more confidence in yourself! We knights may not be the flashiest, but we have the most important job! We protect lives, and take lives in the name of those we protect!"

The trickster mentor would could possibly say the following:

"Don’t be afraid to play dirty! We have a just cause, so it’s only natural we want to fulfill it with all we can!"

etc. As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities on developing the way people look at their classes just with inspirational words from their trainers. It will also make you feel determined to do better and live up to your subclass’ legacy, be it a morally good or evil one.
I’d like to see your opinion on this and maybe even some suggestions as to what other tips the mentors could give.

AhH @Meta hE dId a SiGnAtUrE

Otherwise good idea.


We got some for Peregrine but not for others and yea this is a great idea