Subclass Gear Cost Poll

With the devs working on subclasses, how much do you think subclass gear will/should cost to be a fair price? Keep in mind the max warrior set costs about 200s including weapon.

  • 50-160s
  • 161s-250s
  • 251s-350s
  • 351s-450s
  • 451s-600s
  • 601s-700s
  • 701s-800s
  • 801s-900s
  • 900s-999s
  • 1g+

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Don’t make it a shop item pls, if you are then have an upgraded version come from a drop of whatever new mob you add

i wouldn’t say it should be hecka expensive for subclass weapons because the only reason why you guys are carrying gold like that is because you’re able to grind and grind and grind as level 30 for however much time you want without spending it

so if someone were progressing regularly and just needed a basic subclass weapon to pick up when they reach level 30, it shouldn’t cost like 1 gold or 500 silver, think about 100s-250s zone

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