Subclass Enhancement Names [Polls]

There is an update that the developers have thrown into consultation for a while now. Class enhancements. In summary, this update would let you enhance your current subclass into a more powerful version of it, at a high level. The point of this post is to unofficially decide what the names of each subclass enhancement should be, with the power of democracy.

I set up polls for each subclass. Each with three names (and other), which were chosen based on concepts given by the developers, and the community.

Please Note:

  • If I discounted any already confirmed names, or popular picks. Forgive me.

  • Some name options may only relate to males (ex, Lord). This is just a concept name, and can be fixed/changed easily in order to fit everyone.

  • If you have a name that you believe deserves to be an option. Choose other, reply, and let us all know.

  • These are in no way confirmed. They’re just ideas/concepts for names.

  • The names don’t affect the abilities/gameplay. They’re just names.

  • This poll ends on Sunday (2/23/20).


Knight Enhancement Names

  • Lord
  • General
  • Royal Guard
  • Other

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Paladin Enhancement Names

  • Crusader
  • Champion
  • Defender
  • Other

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Berserker Enhancement Names

  • Blade-master
  • Barbarian
  • Viking
  • Other

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Sorcerer Enhancement Names

  • Archmage
  • Spell-caster
  • Elementalist
  • Other

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Cleric Enhancement Names

  • Priest
  • Hermit
  • Pastor
  • Other

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Warlock Enhancement Names

  • Spiritualist
  • Necromancer
  • Cultist
  • Other

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Assassin Enhancement Names

  • Dark Lord
  • Hit-man
  • Rogue
  • Other

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Trickster Enhancement Names

  • Saboteur
  • Joker
  • Jester
  • Other

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Ranger Enhancement Names

  • Marksman
  • Archer
  • Bowman
  • Other

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I think Archmage should be an option for cleric and not sorcerer, image

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Ahh I knew I was missing something…

oof cant change it now, but yeah now you know

Trickster should have the GRAND JESTER enchantment name

grand clown needed


i feel like cleric title should really be archpriest, not mage
but that’s just me


maybe highpriest instead

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priest doesn’t sound as cool as the other names it sounds kind of weak imo

How about Holy Bishop for cleric?

how about instead ARCH BISHOP

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Yes i would like that

i feel like rogue is below assassin, maybe something else would be better; perhaps Lone Wolf? … I almost feel like assassin should actually be the enhancement name, with rogue as the precursor.

Ranger enhancement name should just be TRASH

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The only other synonym j know for assassin is wetboy and it doesnt sound too threatening

How about soy instead of wet

imagine dying to some dude titled “soyboy” in pvp

Ooh what if Berserker could be called a Slayer

Trash Chungus died to Soyboy xXgamerxXX

Remember that they’re not set in stone at all. This post is basically just brainstorming ideas and seeing what most people agree on. So keep suggesting ideas. Let’s get the devs in here, see what they think :scream:

p i n g t h e m