Subclass category weapons

i would like weapons that are subclass weapons. like fierce, swift and dull, they should have trickster and ranger and warlock etc.
the trickster one would boost magic damage.
the ranger one would boost ranged attack damage and speed.
the assassin one would boost melee dmg
the warlock one would boost pillage vitality, making it shoot one more missile and heal more
the sorcerer one would lower the cooldown on all abilities it has
the cleric one would make revive cooldown half
the knight one would boost def and hp
the berzerker one would raise all atk dmg by X1.5
the paladin one would boost magic dmg also
also tricksters should be able to dual wield daggers and berzerkers should get 2X atk speed cuz they have 2 swords and don’t even use the other one in basic attacks, and if tricksters get dual wield, they should also have 2X melee atk speed
pls consider this, and if you have any suggestions please comment them.
you would only be able to use special subclass weapons if ur the subclass they have, and would be stackable with say fierce
“fierce trickster moko dagger”
and would not be drops, they would be upgraded to subclasses for 1g and at a merchant in your guild hall, and it would be there at lvl 2 guild hall, next to the guild hall shop.

pls respond somebody, i like feedback.

Good idea but uh i think someone confirmed that there wont ever be dual wield daggers :frowning:

I think this should be at a much higher level guild hall

2X speed and 2X damage would be too stronk, nerf pls

how bout 1.5X atk dmg?

i think lvl 1 guild hall, cuz it costs 1g to make a guild, and then 1g for every. single. item. if you had best gear possible to get and u upgraded it, it would cost 5-6g depending on if u use 2 weapons. plus you may upgrade things for other players and upgrade ur weaker weapons. o and did i mention that you would get to pick which subclass category you want, but still not be able to use it if its not ur subclass. tho mabe tier 2 guild halls.

oh i see. i just dont really think that being able to upgrade your weapon the second you got a hall is a good idea because it costs 1g to get a hall then after that it will be weapon mass production company. There are tons of players with lots of gold so like tier 2 guild would probably be the best idea

ok, i see your point, ill change it up :slight_smile:

I like the concepts but they’re all going to make subclasses op, sorcerer definently doesnt need a power cooldown on meteorite. Warlocks definently dont need a 4th bullet when they can already do like 700 dmg+ per bullet. Berserker is just no, 1.5x the 2-3k dmg they can already do with abilities and the 700 dmg+ they can do per swing is op
Trickster doesnt really need melee speed
Knight sure as hell dont need a def boost
And that’s about all on my side