Subclass armor with perks?

Subclass armors were modeled ages ago, and i have some ideas of what their perks could do.

For hypothetical purpose, let’s just say the subclass armors are level 40 and have 150 base def.


Warlock Robes
Perk: Dark Commander
Simulacrum will copy all moves, even if they are not warlock moves, however, copied moves that are not warlock moves have halved damage, and the mana cost will rise

Sorcerer Robes
Perk: Manavein
You now are able to cast moves while they are on cooldown up to one time per cooldown. However, this is at the cost of some Hp.

Cleric Robes
Perk: Gift of Vesra
Flare now gives a 200 Hp shield to allies and a 150 hp shield to yourself. When the shield is broken it will explode for decent damage. Flare will not apply shield if the person already has some.
Shield health expires after 10s


Assassin Gear
Perk: Hidden Smog
Upon entering stealth, leave a cloud of smoke that deals rapid damage and blinds enemies.

Trickster Gear
Perk: Deceptive
Upon landing switch strike successfully, leave a decoy of yourself at the switch destination and become invisible for a bit. If the decoy is attacked it will explode for decent damage.

Ranger Gear
Perk: Arrow Quiver
You now have a 50% chance to get your arrow back upon damaging a target.


Berserker Armor
Perk: Terul’s Fury
Heal for 5 Hp every time you deal damage to an enemy.

Knight Armor
Perk: Phalanx
Half of damage dealt is converted into shield health. Shield health expires after 10s

Paladin Armor
Perk: Vesra’s Surge
When you have below 40% Health, damage taken is halved at the cost of mana equal to half of the damage taken.

love the warlock robes perk!

I feel like the berserker armor should give bonus attack cuz their about dealing maximum damage.

I like the idea of the Ranger Subclass armor, but think about it. Using that armor and a Tuaa Bow would drastically slow the rate of arrow consumption. Since a Tuaa Bow only uses an arrow every fourth shot, there is a 50% chance that one arrow can essentially be used 8 times. Now compare that with how fast most Rangers fire, the amount of arrows usually carried (I’m a level 28 Hunter and usually carry 600 Arrows (4 stacks of 150 Arrows each)), and their damage per hit (I do over 270 damage per bow hit, and I don’t even have that many bow-related bonuses; just a Spider Leg Bow +10) - image what a focused ranger could do.

I always love new things for Trickster but isn’t invisibility and a decoy assassin’s thing
Trickster should be tricky without going invisible

that’s the only thing that’s going to trick a player. players don’t fall for stupid stuff

i see that, but buying arrows is annoying anyway and nobody actually likes it. I don’t see how it’s op considering all it does is make you spend less money and that’s it.

There are many ways to trick a player like
Fast movement Multiple copies that are difficult to watch
Optical Illusions is more of a trickster thing
Trickster should trick people not go invis

These are some ideas i came up with before
I think Trickster should be a class that either tricks people or moves them around a lot
Stuns Knockback etc

Trickster normal perk
Tricky/Blinding-Every hit with a dagger and bow will slowly tint the screen until the screen turns completely black will make enemies more likely to miss and vision will slowly come back over time

Trickster Armour/weapon Perks
Nice Shot-Disengage shoots you high in the sky instead of back also arrow becomes homing and knocks enemy back

Vacumm-Trickster trap sucks people in who are close to it and also can hold up to 2 enemies

Homing Glitch-Turns your switch strike into a homing projectile like magic missle and after it hits teleports the enemy around like a glitch and slowly deals damage

these are good
but they need to be based around the classes playstyle not skills

like I don’t have a lvl 10 switch strike and even then it’s really not good compared to knight who literally could go all str and be as tanky as all vit

same problem with assassin although invis is better since it doesn’t rely on hitting an enemy

maybe change the trickster one to: ability cooldowns could be either 0% - 10% faster or slower at random
making trickster extremely random and really mess with people like an actual trickster

I like the ideas, but the Ranger perk is kinda dumb. The Tuaa bow all ready cuts arrow use by 75%. I would really rather see some sort of critical bonus, like 20%+ crit chance. Great Ideas!!!

i see that, but buying arrows is annoying anyway and nobody actually likes it. I don’t see how it’s op considering all it does is make you spend less money and that’s it. People have been begging for an infinite arrow perk for ages man. nobody likes having to walk back to buy arrows

Tuaa bow cuts arrow use by enough anyway, and if you’re going for EXP best place is SQR and Arrows are sold at the camp.
Also, if you’re level 30+, just buy a ton of nilgarf runes. When you need to get somewhere, go to the testing realm and use a rune in there (it works quite well), saves time like nothing else, plus you can get to some places easier.

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You do know that I use about 200 arrows while constantly using a bow in SQ? THAT’S 2s BRO!!

it’s not the issue. IIf you aren’t in sq, you have to travel all the way back to port to get arrows. I wish there was just an infinite arrows perk

You are just trying to be difficult. Anywhere that you need arrows, you can but them. Nilgarf, Mush poc, Forsaken, port Fidelio, SQ. And four stacks of arrows (600) can take you a very far ways with the Tuaa bow. It’s different with the spider leg, but that’s what’s so great about the tuaa…

Mush apoc doesn’t sell arrows

I’ll check into that. It used to last time I was there, but that was a while ago…