So, I don’t exactly know how this system is gonna work, but it basically means that a subclass will have a subclass that it can only access. For example, Hunter’s subclass, Ranger, will receive it’s own sub-subclasses. My ideas for that include Sniper(specializes in long ranged, highly accurate attacks that deal loads of damage.) and Solider(wields machine-gun-like weapons). Then again, it might be to hard add sub-subclasses for every single subclass. Besides, subclasses haven’t even been implemented. If you have any ideas or criticisms, but them in the comment section below.

im 99% sure that this has been talked about before.

it would kinda go like this

Adventurer -> Hunter -> Assassin -> Death Bringer

something like that i could be wrong

this is confirmed by poly, after the enhancement (sub-subclass) there will be something else. no one knows, not even poly

Well, since there are 5 books of skills that you can fill up with your choice, wouldn’t that mean sub-sub-sub-subclasses would eventually exist? If they did exist, it would take forever to come up with skill sets for every one of them.

I’m pretty sure they can take one of the books out, so that won’t be a problem. And poly only said up to subsubsub-classes, so im pretty sure there will only be three

I think it would be cool if it worked like this

Adventurer > Warrior > [Sub Class] > [Sub Sub Class]

And then when you reach a really high level you can fight some boss (e.g. Dark mage, Skull warrior, Jungle protector) and depending which boss you kill you can join another class (e.g. Dark mage allows you to join Mage) and you will get a bonus book for the ability to get all the sub classes (to unlock the third one you will get 3 books) if you beat the same boss of your class it will get powered up and allow it to upgrade double the amount.

found it, thanks @TheOfficialSin

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