Sub-Classes For Classes?

Basically you choose your class and after you level up to a certain level you can choose your sub-class. These would allow new abilities and allow for specialized type of classes. Also there would be weapons you would have to use to level up that Sub-Class. Like how classes are permanent and how there are class-locked weapons, like the Mage’s staff. Here’s an example: A Mage doesn’t want to use their staff, but also they have a lot of their stat focused on the Physical other than Intelligence as well: Magic Gauntlets. Short-ranged, but does a lot of damage since it combines “physical strength” and “intelligence” well there goes that idea, pretty unrefined.

Bereza talked about this on stream, not sure how this would be implemented though.

oh, probably didn’t watch that stream then

Closing this thread since it’s a massive feature we can’t implement now, and because it is something we are already planning to do eventually.

Please keep the feature requests manageable :stuck_out_tongue: