Stun rework suggestions

Good day, fellow Vesterians!

According to our supreme leader, Bereza, he is not satisfied with the current state of the “stun” status effect be it visually or functionally. I’ve devised simple solutions as to how stuns could possibly work.

:exclamation: Introduction :exclamation:

Here is a short summary of how STUNS work in Vesteria:

Upon being hit, the target enters a state of immobility and inability to attack. The duration of this state is based on the skill tool tip. HOWEVER if the target were to get hit while it is performing/channeling some sort of ability, it is not phased by the status effect until the end of the said ability/channel. The problem with this is that the moment the target is stunned, the stun duration starts dwindling.

Solution 1: :mountain: Big crunch :mountain:

This is my first and most preferred solution. Abilities that have have the capability or chance to stun should answer a certain criteria upon the trigger of the status effect. For the sake of the explanation, I shall separate the results into “small crunch” and “big crunch”. Every ability should have a calculated threshold. If the damage it deals during the proc of the stun is above the threshold, the stun becomes a “big crunch”. This means that the stun will interrupt all and any skills the target is channeling/using and stun them IMMEDIATELY. A “small crunch” on the other hand, is the default stun we currently have.


  • stuns are fleshed out as a status effect and have an understandable formula to them that is seemingly balanced ( multi-hit attacks such as venom pools cannot stun lock you even if the mage has a chance to stun on hit perk)

  • classes with kits that revolve around using a stun become way more viable. (knights become the gods of pve as doing damage above the threshold of your skill (shield bash) will interrupt any attack the boss is currently doing and stun it.)


  • You’d have to calculate a threshold for every ability in the game including basic attacks. I am not a game developer, but I know this would take a lot of time. I’m sorry if it’s not possible for you, but it just seemed like a good idea to me.

Solution 2: :skull: Era of the stuns :skull:

This solution is much simpler and shorter. All stuns would function as a “big crunch” stun, but getting stunned now puts a cooldown on you that prevents you from getting stunned again.


  • Way easier to achieve than the first solution and also less complicated


  • Shallow solution, could cause some problems in the future (like venom pool being able to put in a full length stun and dealing a lot of damage over time to you for no reason. That seems unfair)

  • The cooldown of the “big crunch” stun could also be applied to the first solution’s big crunch, making that version even better.


Thank you for reading all of this.
It is by no means a very good idea, but I just wanted to share a thought that struck me while playing Vesteria.

See ya on the battlefield,
cap4o the knight

EDIT: A possible third solution is possible by combining both ideas. Introduce “big crunch” stuns to the game but keep the default ones and then manually choose whether a perk/attack can produce a “big crunch” or a “small crunch” stun.

Second solution seems better but since there is a cooldown wont the stunlock from weapon ability like venom bomb not be an issue

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Stunlock isn’t the issue, the fact that you get hard-locked from doing anything just by 1 tick from the venom pool is. This could aply to any other multi-hit ability, such as rain of arrows and the cyclone

I dont see the point of a mage venom pool stunning however Snare sounds better

pretty much means slowness

Slowness but you can attack at normal rate? Or slowed attack speed too?