Stuff that vesteria needs to take into account when making permadeath

first things first, pets. while this is kinda obvious, chickens and baby mushroom pets need to stay with you when you die, if you are able to lose an alpha gift by accident, many may be to infuriated to play any further.

not only that but there is something else that also applys to these rules, the spider queen crown. while i don’t believe that you should make the crown soul bound, as people might not not want it and want money instead, i also don’t believe that crowns should be lost forever. spider queen crowns prices up to 20 - 30 gold and anyone who has ever grinded that much would not want to lose it in a short amount of time, and many people may not want to play vesteria ever again. while i do understand that it will be much harder to die, stuff like the terror of the deep or the spider queen can still be a huge threat to a lv30 player. even so, my opinion is that the spider queen crown should be a soul bound item that is not lost when you die, and still tradable.

another thing that needs attention is money itself. first of all there are a few people in the game right not who have 10+ gold right now, and i storage needs to also hold money so we also dont lose everything we have grinded for if we die. also if this is not a thing people will create alts, put them in nilgarf forever and trade money with themselves and use the alt a a bank. this unfair to players who dont want to spend money on the game.

personally, i do not thing the whole idea of permadeath in vesteria i think is a bad idea, but thats just my opinion. i made this post because even though its not the popular opinion of the average vesteria player, they will still go on and impment it into the game, i just wanted to make sure that this new feature is not absolutely terrible.

For your first point:

For your second point about the Spider Queen Crown, as long as you put it in storage (since let’s be honest it’s only really useful for selling) it wont be deleted when you die.

Third point; I believe storing money in the bank is planned.

So yeah, if that helps ease your nerves on this update there you go.

i aready expected the pets thing to be taken care of, but the crown is literary the only thing that really hard to get, so unless its eazyer to get it than before, then i really want to be able to wear it with out risk and not just have it lying around not doing anything

Im pretty sure one of the devs, think it was prisman, said there will never be money storage so youll have to invest in items to store

all the SUPER SUPE SUPER UPSUPSF IOospjksmdl bc.j nvpovaluable stuff needs to stay
idk about weapons that are red+ tier tho
ex: blessed stick wait that’d be op af actually, voids bow etc

Permadeath doesn’t count in the Spider Lair so you don’t have to worry about losing your crown there.

Also about the Terror of the Deep, I’m pretty sure they said that it won’t be able to 1 shot you anymore.

So first off, the crown will kinda be useless to a certain point because cooler, more advanced vanity items will come later, meaning the crown won’t be the trend anymore. Second, pets are being taken cared of, you will never lose them. Third, it’s already been confirmed that the bank won’t be able to hold currency.

well also if its a rare item, i will still want it int unless it becomes not rare at all, and second im might have to get and alt account now ¯_(ツ)_/¯

It’ll probably not become rare later on cause it’s such a low level dungeon (max level is supposed to be 200). Also you’re not a pro if you don’t have 1 or 2 alt accounts.


Honestly, I think the highest level I’ve seen any of the devs mention was around 70.

Proof ?
(Totally original)

Here you go.

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Here’s a bit more, suggesting that level 70 will be the maximum level.

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Oh wow, thanks 4 info :wink:

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